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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 6

Episode 6
Romantic Prince

💕Ryan’s POV💕
I left her and stumbled on the bed , I starred at her for a while, she wore her dress

After dressing she left without a word to me , I rested for a while after resting I left for home with rick who was waiting for me in his car , I slept off immediately we arrived

Next day
I woke up and prepared for work , I got to work in my limousine, immediately I stepped out Cynthia rushed to me and hugged me, Cynthia has been my childhood friend and I know that she has feelings for me but I’m not ready to love someone so I always push her away

She followed me into my office, and closed the door

She started kissing me, I tried to push her away but she didn’t bug so I gave her entrance as I parted my lips for her and she slid her tongue into mine waggling and spreading her saliva into my mouth , the kiss was so intense that we didn’t know when kira my secretary walked in and dropped a file on my table , she coughed to attract my attention so I turned to look at her

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Cynthia: what the hell is this bitch doing? Don’t you no you’re disturbing us , she yelled and eyed kira but kira maintained an expressionless look as she stood akimbo getting Cynthia more annoyed, Cynthia walked up to her when she didn’t say a word and pulled her hair and a slap landed on Cynthia’s face and I became shocked

How in the world ? She has guts a lot , she loves slapping as she has slapped me twice already , well this seems interesting

Kira: don’t you ever raise your voice at who you don’t no bitch !! She fired back

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Cynthia who was in shock regained her voice, who the hell do you think you are ??she yelled

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Kira: I’m not someone of much importance but neither am I a bitch who begs for someone’s attention!! She said with a scoff and I was baffled, this lady got nerve

I like her a lot

Kira you can go , I finally intervened and she left

Cynthia ran towards me and hugged me immediately kira left , why didn’t you say a thing? She asked but I ignored her and pulled away from her grip

I walked towards my desk , she came and sat on my leg

Cynthia please leave , I said in a commanding tone but she pulled herself closer to me

“Do you know how much I missed you ” ? She cooed into my ear and kissed me down my ear lobe, she caressed my back with her hands and traced my abs

Shit!! She’s so good

Do you know I learnt how to romance just for you ? She muttered as she kissed me

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She traced her hands and landed it on my manhood, I closed my eyes immediately I felt her hands on me , she grabbed hold of my d**k and it started getting hard , she unbuckled my trousers and loosen my belt , she got hold of em properly as she started stroking it real hard while I let out a light mourn, she stroke it for a while and I got really horny , I don’t want to have anything to do with her cause she’s my child hood friend so I immediately stood up and pushed her away

Go away while I ask nicely or you’ll regret what I’ll do to you !! I husked

She didn’t seem bothered as she came closer and held me real tight

I swear She’ll beg me to stop and I won’t


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