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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 4

Episode 4
Romantic Prince

💕kira’s POV💕
I swallowed the saliva that formed in my mouth immediately I saw his d**k
Geez what the hell? He moved closer to me and made to pull off my skirt

Wait kira are you just gonna watch this guy take advantage of you ? Have you forgotten the reason why you are here in the first place ? No no come to your senses , a tiny thing in my head told me

I suddenly found my hands and pushed him away and he looked at me with disdain , I quickly put on my clothes and left his office while he just watched without uttering a word

😂Ryan’s POV❤️
What the hell is she doing? I thought o got her ! Is she trying to prove stubborn PR what ?? Well I’ll get her real soon , but right now I’m still horny
Lemme call Ricky

Hello rick ,

Hello romantic

Come on cut the crab , I want a whore right away , send em to my office in less than five minutes, I instructed and hanged up

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Less than five minutes two ladies in hot dress walked into my office without wasting of time , I set to work

kira’s POV

Ouch that was close , em pardon me , I for to properly introduce myself, my name is kira Danville age 22 , I studied accounting but I’m working as a secretary at the biggest company in Korea , I heard Ryan’s secretaries doesn’t last more than two months cause he do away with them after he has had sex with them , but I’m here to prove to him I’m different, I’ve been seducing him in every way I can but doesn’t let him have his way with me , thou it has been very difficult but I must achieve the purpose of my coming

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💕Ryan’s POV💕
I became more horny at the sight of those two bitches and didn’t go easy on em

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I was done f**king them after minutes and I release into their mouth

I got into the rest room and washed myself up , came back and didn’t find them there , well is not like I care anyways

I went about my business, I’ve got a large company to handle , thou I’m addicted to sex , I don’t let sexual pleasures make Mr forget who I am , well I’m 25 and I’m not planning on falling in love soon talk more of getting married but my parents have been pestering me on bringing a wife home and giving them grand children, they’ll have to wait for long before they can have their way


Night is approaching I’ll have to hit the club

💛kira’s POV💛
Before long I saw two ladies in hot dress come out from Ryan’s office, I know he has just f**led them, it’s not like thus is the first time I’m seeing ladies walk in and out of his office

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Night is approaching, oh what I’m I gonna be doing tonight?? Probably clubbing
Yea I love to club so much , but I wear mask to club to avoid being seen by people who knows me

I called mia my bestie and she told me to meet her up at amazon club

I got to the club and saw her waiting for me outside the club , we handed our phones to the men in charge cause phones are not allowed I’m there

I got in with mia and saw someone that looks like Ryan drinking at the bar side , no it’s can’t be him , I mean what’s he doing here? I walked closer to the bar and realized that it was actually him ,oh my!!!


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