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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

Romantic Prince 🤏🤴🏻🔞

💕 Ryan’s POV cont’d💕
I pulled up in front of my company and got down from the sport car which I rode
I entered the company and as usual the female workers started drooling over me but I careless , I mean I get this reaction all the time

I got to my office and my secretary kira walked in smoking hot in her short mini skirt, crop top and 9inch heels , she dropped a file she was holding on my desk , sat down on the sit facing me with her legs crossed revealing her hot damn laps.

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I swallowed the saliva that formed in my mouth as I watched her , kira has that sexy body that could make any man cum just by starring but I’ve had no opportunity to have my way with her , that’s probably why I still have her here with me

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My secretaries don’t usually last two months cause once I f**k you , I won’t want to see you around anymore, kira has always proved stubborn but she always makes sure to appear sexy in front of me , I have an idea , I think I’ll have her today

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I stood up from my sit and walked to where she sat and touched her laps , she blinked her eyes as she starred at me with confusion, I ignored her and went ahead to kiss her cheeks , I knew it no one can resist my charm

I cupped her face in my hands and starred deeply at her , but she has this expression less look which I couldn’t understand, she suddenly stood up when I wanted to kiss her and slapped me ….what!! How dare she??

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I clenched my teeth tightly as I starred at her with fury ! With what she just did ,, I am now more determined,, I must have her right now!!!


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