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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 15 [Completed]

Episode 15

*Romantic prince*

(Final episode)
💎Kira’s POV💎
Kira!!! Today is your weeding day wake up!!

I heard Mira shout and pulled the duvets more tightly to my body , I don’t want to disturb my sleep

Kira!!! She came again and dragged the duvets from my body

Today is your weeding day, do you expect a whole Ryan to be waiting on the alter for you ?

I opened my eyes immediately

Oh it’s true , today I’m getting married to Ryan today

Quickly I sprang up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom to shower

Now sitting facing the mirror as the makeup artist invited by Ryan’s family turn my face to something out of this world

It took about an hour and minutes for the makeup artist to finish and I exhaled in relief, I was tired of sitting down facing one stupid mirror

My weeding gown was also something a middle class will never dream of buying , so classy, shiny and explosive

With the 9 inch heel that made me feel I’m gonna be in heaven soon and rose flower I was given to hold

Rick was Ryan’s best man and mira was mine

As I walked through the ale with my dad everything still seems like a dream to me and my family , all eyes were on us , a lot of ladies wished so much to be in my shoe

After we had sworn and taken all oath by the pastor

Other activities followed and next we were home

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We decided to spend the night at his private house and travel to new zee land the following day

Ryan haven’t even touched me , I mean it’s surprising for someone like him to be able to control himself

I had told him that I’ll kill him if I find him with any lady , I watched him keenly and noticed his changes

His father thanked me for making him change , I am really happy

I took my bath and waited impatiently for Ryan to be through with his

He came out almost immediately and I winked at him while he chuckled

Come on honey you have endured enough

He cleaned his body and wore boxer

He lay beside without touching me

What the hell Ryan? I’m waiting you know

He pulled me to himself and whispered

Can we do this tomorrow or next ?

What?? I flinched

I can’t hear of it , you are the one always begging for sex you no , I yelled and sat on the bed

He tried to pull me back in order to sleep but I couldn’t hear of it

If you aren’t gonna touch me on our weeding night, I might as well leave the room for you , I threatened

I stood up from the bed and went to sleep at the guest room , I’m really annoyed with him

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How could he be so mean? Did he forget that I’m now his lawfully weeded wife or is this his way of punishing me ? I thought and pulled the pillow to myself

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I didn’t even no when tears started screaming down my face ,I tried to control it but couldn’t, I’m crying on my weeding night cos of sex ? That’s funny but not funny to me

The door fled open and Ryan walked in

I didn’t look at him or did as if someone was in the room

He sat on the bed and pulled me up

Come on babe am sorry okay, I don’t want to hurt you this night that is why I’m fixing it some other time, since you’re still a virgin it’s gonna hurt real bad so please it’s for your own good, he pleaded and cleaned my face with his thumb

He carried me to our room and we slept cuddling each other, I can’t wait for morning😋

Next day

Baby let’s go shower , he said and carried me into the bathroom

We had our bath and few minutes we were ready

It started from kissing and then , he started kissing me on my neckline down to my abdomen and he teased my V with his tongue making me shiver

He sucked my boobs like a romantic Prince that he is earning a loud mourn from me in return

He has teased me too much , I think its my turn , I took his hard erected c**k in my hand and stroke it a little before putting it into my mouth and he groaned in pleasure

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Where the hell did you learn this from ? He stammered in between mourns

After sucking his for a while , he cummed into my mouth and we went down to business

He f**ked the living day light outta me

No need to describe you already know


Few months later I was confirmed pregnant cos Ryan’s mom has been on my neck and thank God I had no delays

I later put to bed two bouncing baby boys

Chris my bro fulfilled his dreams of becoming a soccer player with the help of Ryan , what Chris told Ryan that day at the hospital still remained a mystery to me cos non of them opened up even after asking

People that didn’t no us well thought that Chris was actually Ryan’s younger bro cos they were always together

I became a full house wife cos he didn’t allow work , he asked me to take care of our two kids

Gosh they are always hungry

Why does it have to be two boys ? They are too stubborn I complained to Ryan who told me to stop saying that his children are stubborn

He spends special time with them every Saturday just like his father did to him

Oh what a husband !

Love made him change entirely for me , it’s true love surpass all things


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