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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 14

Episode 14

Romantic Prince
💎Kira’s POV💎
I knelt down on the floor weeping my eyed out , when I though that everything is coming into place its got scattered

Honestly I was gonna tell him later today but he got to know , he’ll only find out through Chris

I picked my phone up and yelled at Chris to head over here

I was still weeping when I saw the bottle I had collected from him earlier, I crawled to the place I kept and and started drinking

The door opened and Chris came in , he saw me and grabbed the bottle from me

Let go you a** hole !! I yelled stood up weakly and slap him

He left the bottle in shock as he held his right cheek starring at me

Why did you tell him ? Why ?? I yelled

But he still kept mute starring at me

You should have kept your damn mouth shut , it is too large to be closed huh !

He asked me for God’s sake !! He yelled back

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Who gave him the idea huh? And now he’s angry with me , how are you gonna fix that ? Tell me how?

You have feelings for him huh? He asked calmly

That was what I was gonna tell you later today, I was gonna tell you but… destroyed the relations before it even started, you….you.. … ….

I couldn’t continue as I stumbled on the bed , guess I yelled too much causing tightness in my chest


I opened my eyes and found out I was in a hospital, Chris was talking to a doctor

The doctor looked at me and asked

You’re awake now , calm down everything is in order , he smiled before leaving and I sat up properly on the bed

Chris sat down beside me and held my two hands

I’m sorry , I never knew you were in love with him , i’m gonna fix this I swear , he said and kissed my hands

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I’m sorry too okay , you must have been shocked, I should have told you earlier, I replied and kissed his fore head

Hope you didn’t tell our parents?

Of cos , I can’t be foolish twice, he replied making me laugh

He stood up and told me his coming back

I close my eyes as I remembered what happened between Ryan and I

How am I gonna approach? What am I gonna say to calm him down ? He seems really affected

I kept thinking until the door opened and I opened my eyes to see Ryan starring at me

I used my palm to rub my face cos I think I’m imaging thing , I removed my palm and still saw Ryan starring at me

I opened my mouth to talk but couldn’t find the right words as my mouth kept shaking

R….Ry….Ryan …I…I…..

He walked towards me and sat beside me as we kept starring at each other

He pulled me to himself and hugged me

I thought I was dreaming so I blinked severally to be sure I’m not

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I’m so sorry , he whispered into my ears and my heart gave a mighty lamp , but why was he apologizing? I mean I should be the one to do that

He disengaged the hug and held my two hands in his while I just starred in confusion

Is this happening?

I should have listened to your explanation , I didn’t putting your health at risk , I don’t care whether you came to seduce me let’s forget it , that very reason made me fall in love for the first time so I’m great full, don’t feel bad okay ? He said weeping the tears that have started screaming down my face

I couldn’t bear it , I kissed him so hard as if he’s lips were food and he deepened it

We kissed for about 5 minutes before he stopped living a confused me

Wait we are still in the hospital okay ?


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