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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 13

Episode 13
Romantic Prince

💎Ryan’s POV💎
I got to her house and she was standing outside already waiting for me.

She wore a navy blue trouser that cling to her body , a fashion top , black blue canvas , blue head warmer and a blue scarf wrapped around her neck with hand bag hanging on her shoulder

I opened the car for her to get in not after planting a soft kiss on her red soft lips

I took her to a restaurant which I had reserved earlier, the floor was decorated with red roses and she gasps and later covered her mouth with her palm

The waiters arrived with different dishes and served us

How do you expect me to eat all these , she asked with surprise

Just pick out anyone of your choice

We started eating and we were laughing at the same time

We talked about random stuff and almost laughed our ribs out

I later took her to a jewelry shop and told her to pick anyone that picks her interest

She looked around in shock

How do you expect me to pick anything, the price tag is too high , she said

Then why I’m I here with you ?

She picked up a necklace and showed it to me

It was a padlock necklace, she asked for the key and was given the necklace key

She locked them together and it fitted perfectly, she smiled and handed me the padlock necklace and held unto the key necklace

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We left the jewelry shop and were about to enter into my car when we heard a voice call kira

We both turned and it was her brother Chris

Seeing his face now ,he looks like her a lot and a bit taller than her as well

He looked confused at first but later replaced it with smiles as he greeted us and left

I’m taking kira to a hotel , I’ve been yearning more for her body lately and she has given me approval

Not that I’ll treat her like other ladies , no I’ve fallen deeply for her and I won’t ever dump her

I took her to the hotel and lounged a room

I left her to get whiskey and also the biscuit we bought earlier

I got down to my car and saw Chris he entered into the hotel ,

After I collected the biscuit from mg car and the whiskey from the hotel bar

I went up to the room and met it slightly opened, entered and heard kira’s voice ,she was talking to her male

I later recognized the voice as her brother’s cos he called her sis

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Chris:sis I don’t understand you at all , your main reason is to make him fall for you isn’t it ? That’s the reason you got into his company to work as a secretary

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I was shocked , Kira’s main objective is make me fall for her? How is that possible?

Kira:Chris leave he’ll soon be here I’ll talk to you at home okay?

I stepped back and went to the stairs to wait for Chris

He saw me on the stairs and flashed me a smile and made to leave but I held him back and he looked at me in surprise

You said kira’s main reason is to seduce me, isn’t it?

He looked at me and answered

That’s the main purpose, I just don’t understand her again, you can ask her the rest up , he replied and left

I sat down on the stairs in shock

So she is using me huh? She made me fall for her and she’s using me

I remember how she’ll always put on dress to kill clothes

So it’s was actually to make me fall and dump me.

I gulped down the bottle of whiskey cos my head suddenly became really hot

I was hurt ,I couldn’t believe it

She has been using me ?

No no I need to ask her

I got up and staggered to the room cos the whiskey has gotten hold of me a bit

I opened the door and she was sitting on the bed

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She stood up and held me and I removed her hands from me and she flinched

I sat down on the bed and gulped down the whiskey and she grabbed it from me and kept it in a place I won’t see it

What is it Ryan? I’ve been expecting you ?she asked

Why did you Start working for me? Huh! I asked and She turned her face away

You started in other to make me fall for you ?

Answer me!! I yelled

Em Ryan

Just answer!

OK yes but…

But what?? You must be laughing at me now cos you’ve succeeded, I’m in pains you no

No Wonder you’ve never told me you love me even after I tell you

No no , I swear it’s not it Ryan ,she cried and knelt down in front of me , I swear that I really love you please Ryan , I was planning on telling you later today

You no it’s really hurt , my first love ,I can’t withstand it ,I said and got up

Took my car keys and headed home not after dropping some cash in case of her transport fare

I drove home and stumbled on the bed

Why me kira?


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