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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 12

Episode 12

Romantic Prince

💕Kira’s POV💕
I kissed him on his lips , oh I’ve missed him a lot, he deepened the kiss and slipped his hand into my bra , playing with my boobs and I felt on top of the world

I know that I’ve given in to Ryan but he loves me , he won’t be able to dump me like he dumps other ladies

I pulled closer to him wrapping my hands around his neck as I enjoy every bit of what was going on

He successfully pulled my cloth away through my shoulder and brought his mouth to my nipples sucking em real well ,that very moment I wished he’ll stay like that for ever but he didn’t cos a knock interrupted us

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Ryan’s dad was standing outside the car as he starred at us both , geez I quickly dressed my cloth

Ryan stopped and willed down the car glass

You can go to your house and continue , it’s getting really late you no , he said flashed us a smile and Ryan started the car almost immediately

He drove out of the mansion and drove me to my house which I directed him to , he pulled over where I told him to

I came down and he also did , he held my hands and starred at me

He kiss me and withdrew immediately immediately

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I want to take you kira , we you be chanced tomorrow ? He asked

Of cos , I replied and smiled

We wanted to kiss before I heard a familiar voice

I turned to look at Chris

He walked to us and starred at both Ryan and I before focusing his attention on me for answers

Em Chris this is Ryan my boss

And Ryan this is Chris my brother

Oh oh good evening Ryan, it’s just that I’ve been expecting my sis , we had plans for today

Evening Chris , it’s a pleasure meeting you , he replied and they shook hands and Chris left afterwards

Why did you introduce me as your boss? He asked

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Em it’s nothing, goodnight , I replied and kissed him a bit before running inside.

Next day

I’m gonna surprise Kira today , I can’t wait to tell her how much I love her , I really missed her a lot than usual

I got into the bath tub and took a shower , I dressed all black

A black long sleeve , black trousers, black canvas, a black long jacket that flowed down to my knees , a black Moffitt

Yea I love black a lot

I got down took my breakfast

I headed towards kira’s house to pick her up


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