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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – Episode 11

Episode 11

Romantic ? prince

? Ryan’s POV?
I scratched my head thinking of the right answer to give her , I really do love her , should I tell her ? I know she also have feelings for me but will she like to be with someone like me? What if she rejects me?

I looked at her and she was starring keenly at me expecting my answers

Em kira why don’t we do this some other time , I inquired and she looked away

Do you really need to think much ? If I’m really someone of concern to you , you’ll know your answers by heart , guess I’m just your secretary, she said embittered

I turned her to face me and I exhaled deeply

Kira I swear you aren’t just my secretary…

Then what ???

You won’t understand I…

I guess it’s too difficult for you , you can forget it , she pouted and looked away

I let go of her and signed

I guess I’m still trying to figure out this strange feelings I’m growing for you , I muttered but to her hearing

She faced me again expecting me to talk but instead I started the car and drove off , we didn’t talk to each other till we got to my family house

I parked my car in the parking lot and gestured for her to follow me , she did and the maids lined up greeting us as we entered

I don’t understand what mom is doing at all , it’s not like I’m getting married immediately

I sited her in the sitting room and she stood up

I was expecting her to hug me but instead she ditched me and went to kira

How are you dear , she asked ad hugged the confused kira , I know she wasn’t expecting such treatment , and Shell soon catch up with the main reason I brought her here

I sat down on the couch and ordered one of the maid to serve me a chilled cow tail but my mom stopped her

I looked at and she said that we are gonna eat and after that I can take any drink

She led kira to the dinning and kira was just looking at me expecting me to explain things to her

Mom where is dad , I yelled to her hearing , just then dad came down the stairs with his tablets

I stood up and went to greet him , I kissed him on his cheek and he did the same on my fore head

I wrapped his hand round my shoulder and we headed to the dinning, the maids have already started serving dinner

And we took our position

I sat down near kira , and she whispered to me

What is going on ?

Kira that’s your name ? My dad asked as she greeted him

My dad replied and said , second time that Ryan is bringing a lady home and first time his bringing his girlfriend home

When dad mentioned girlfriend, I started coughing uncontrollably

What is wrong dear, I’m I wrong , my dad asked knowing fully well I feigned the cough

If there is someone that knows me well then its my dad , tho he’s always busy but he never misses our father and son day that was how he got to no me well

Are you okay ? Kira asked and I nodded my head while mom just kept starring at kira who was looking at me

We started eating and didn’t talk much until we were done and the maids cleared the table while we went to the sitting room

So kira dear , tell us about you , my mom said and I could feel kira tense up , I held her hand calming her down as she talked

She’s not really poor ,just average girl and she finished school , I got to know that she has a younger brother too

Hmm interesting, my dad said nodding his hand

When the questions were getting much I had to cut my short

Mom mom , I called standing up and she glared at me

I held Kira up as well

Mom its late we have to be on our way

Bye I yelled drawing kira away

Wait mom yelled and met up with us , she signalled a maid and the maid brought something

She collected it and handed it to kira , she collected it and thanked mom

We got outside and she flared up

Ryan what just happened huh? I almost died for crying out loud

Calm down ,they might hear us ,I said and told her to get into the car and she did

Ryan answer my question, why did you bring me to your parents?the last time I checked it’s only a man that is in love with a lady that will introduce her to his parents, I don’t remember a boss introducing his secretary to his parents, she yelled and I chuckled

What’s funny? She asked as she rolled her eyes

You said a man that is in love with a lady right?

Of cos

Then I’m in love with you , I blurted and she chuckled

Liar , you’re just saying that to keep me from talking , she muttered

I swear to you kira , I’ve been hiding it from you ,I cooed and she faced Me properly

I took her hands in mine

You asked what you were to my right?

You are a lot of things to me kira

You’re my heart , you’ve stolen my heart before I realized it , I cooed caressing her hands

we starred at each other deeply and I saw tears in her eyes

I used my thumb to clean her tears and she planted a soft kiss on my lips while deepened it


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