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Romantic Prince – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 15]

Romantic Prince

Romantic Prince

Episode 1

Romantic Prince🤴🏻

💕Ryan’s POV💕
Shit!! What the hell just happened here huh?!come here ! I shrieked

She walked towards me romantically, swears she was dripping hot with her G-string and pink bra

I held her tightly when she got to where I was standing and kissed her neck, sending hitches all through her body as she mourned loudly

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I slipped my hand into her boobs and caressed it softly, today I’m not gonna do any fucking thing with her , I just want her cum for me , I caressed her boobs so hard that her mourns turned to music in my ears , it sounded so lovely to my hearing

Oh baby please hit me!! She yelled amidst mourns , oh no , not today bitch!! O replied and returned back to kissing her , i slipped my hand into her G-string as I rubbed her p***y and her mourns increased, I rubbed it slowly and sweetly until she oozed out jellies into my hand

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Being satisfied I stepped back from her as she fell on the floor satisfied, I went into the wash room and washed myself came out and paid her off , she left without uttering a word to me

That’s how I do my things, I don’t talk to my clients that much , all I do is play with them and some times f**k them ,, least I forget my name is Ryan the youngest billionaire in Paris, my friends call me Mr. Romantic cause I’m really good at making girls crazy over me

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I dressed up real good, took my car keys and headed to my company.


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