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Road To Success – Season 1 – Episode 4 [Completed]



Episode 4


when i got home, i started considering it, I spent 5years in school, i’ve spent greater 3years at home, my mom is terrible, i’m additionally negative. i was simply questioning and questioning, the salary was of two hundred thousand naira monthly [200,000.00].

if i leave out this opportunity i dont think i’m able to get it again, out of frustration and poverty, i made up my thoughts to go and sleep with the him to get the job. the following day around 7pm, i went to meet the man on the inn room where he requested me to come, when i got there, i told him that am ready to have s*x with him for the job, I told him that i’ve made up my mind. we’ve no longer entered the inn room first, we had been status outdoor having the dialogue, when I instructed him that i’ve agreed, he started out shaking his head and became no longer glad, he said that i’ve failed the task. .


It happens that the man wanted a God fearing lady to employ and to marry, the woman will be his wife and also occupy the office as his worker. so one of my pal in the university told him that one among his friends known as Angela may be relied on, she is a God fearing girl and she cannot be enticed with cash to reduce to rubble herself, the man disagreed and both of them constant up this concept of testing me, he said if i pass the test, i will be employed robotically and he’ll marry me and surrender the business enterprise to me, he have other bigger companies in united states of America so he wanted a God fearing girl whom he can trust. .


I started crying and begging the man to forgive me that it wasn’t my mind to do it, i just determined to do it out of poverty and frustration of lifestyles. He told me that he can’t do anything more or less, i failed the test and i’m not worthy for the job, he stated had it been i ignored the concept he could have given me a call to come and resume work on Monday morning. .


This turned into how i misplaced it at last. …….


The-End……………………. .

Moral lesson: It is right NEVER to give up. Recommendation: Dont allow frustration to guide you into destruction. Prayer: God will come up with the grace never to give up in life until you archive your success. AMEN .

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