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Road To Success – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3



Its a new day, the sun rising and the gentle breeze tossing gently, another new day for me to thank God for giving me an admission and providing a sponsor for me also, i prayed that early morning like never before and the sound of my voice woke my sleeping mother and she joined me in the prayer, after we finished the prayer, i took my bath, wore my clothes and went to the bank to withdraw the money sent to me by Mr Danny, the man that promised to sponsor me in the university.


After i returned from the bank, i went straight to the market and bought all the necessary things i needed. . The next day being the day of my vacation to school, my mother prayed for me and advised me to always stand strong in whatsoever am doing, she warned me to be careful with friends and never to follow bad friends.


Finally i traveled and landed in the school premises, when i was entering the school compound, a guy stopped me and he introduced himself as Johnson, he told me that he will like us to become friends, i told him that am just coming for the first time and i dont know anybody here, he told me never to worry that he will help me with whatever help i may need. i told him that i dont need any help for now, he then requested that i should give him my number, i argued with him but out of perturbation, i gave him my number. .



University is just another world entirely, its a place where you will do whatever you like and nobody will question you, i rented an apartment and was living all alone, oneday a friend of mine pleaded to come and live with me, i accepted because i was feeling so lonely, her name is Ada, a very pretty girl like me, we lived together as sisters. . One day Ada narrated to me a short story of her past experience in school, she told me how she slept with a lecturer for a pass mark, the story goes this way: {Ada talking} ……..


one Mr lecturer entered our class, he told us that we will be having a test the next day, he gave us area of consecration to read, that night when i got home, i studied my book the whole night against the next day, the test will commends by 7am in the morning, but unfortunately i woke up around 7:30 the next day due to the sleepless night i had studying my book, i missed the test and i met the lecturer, i explained to him and asked him to help me, he said the only help he can offer to me is just for me to carryover the course or i will sleep with him, i had no other option than to sleep with him, after having s*x with him that day, he told me that he really enjoyed my body that i should come back the next day for second round, i went back and did it with him again for the second time after which he gave me the pass mark. .




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