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Road To Success – Season 1 – Episode 3


Episode 3



After the interplay, as i was about leaving the workplace, he requested me another query. Interviewer: Did you dirt your shoe on the foot-mat out of door before entering this workplace? whilst he asked me this query, i was certainly harassed, i couldn’t recollect whether i dusted my shoes or not, and for me not to free the task i speedy replied him…


”sure sir i dusted my shoes at the foot- mat out of door earlier before i entered” Interviewer: good enough you could pass now. . once I got out of the office door, i noticed that there has been no foot-mat at the entrance of the office, i later noticed that the interviewer just tested my religion to realize how straightforward i am, he knew that there has been no foot-mat at the entrance and that changed into how i misplaced the task. I waited for a textual content message from the employer however i didn’t get it and i was disqualified.


This changed into a painful experience i had but i endured looking for a job. . I looked for a job extra than 2years after my graduation from the college, i have become pissed off, worn-out and discouraged, i have been praying however it appears God does not hear me, after spending 5years within the university and now i’ve spent extra 2years trying to find a job, i lost wish of getting a job and determined to loosen up and just neglect about everything. .



After 3years of no job, there was one specific Saturday morning about 11:00 am, i was just relaxing on a chair, i noticed an sms that reads…..

”hey Angela you are invited to come for an interview at Champac funding Company”, i was very satisfied and the following day i went for the interview, after I got there behold it become just most effective and it was just only me that came for the interview, the security man took me to the office of the supervisor and the supervisor took me to the proprietor of the enterprise.


I met the owner of the business enterprise one on one, he informed me that the job is only for me and its for no one else but for me. i was very happy and that i knelt down thanking the man, he advised me to get up that God have answered my prayers. He stated i have to come and resume work on Monday however if most effective i come to meet him at New palace hotel the next day by 7pm, i asked him what for, he instructed me that i should have s*x with him before i can archive this achievement of having the job. I pleaded with him and informed him that God will bless him if he overlook approximately s*x and deliver me the job, he informed me that God have blessed him already. He discharged me and stated i should move, i picked up my bag and left, i by no means agreed to have s*x with him first, i made up my mind in no way to do it.



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