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Road To Success – Season 1 – Episode 2


Episode 2


The next day, i went to one of my uncle to ask for help, when i got there, he was very happy that finally i have come to ask for help, he was angry why i didn’t come to him since the death of my father, he said he is willing and ready to sponsor me in the university, He told me to go and come back the next week with the list of what i needed and the total amount i needed for a start, i was very happy and when i was about going, he gave me 5000 of Nigerian Money just for transport, Joy really filled my heart and i went home rejoicing. when i got home, i told my mother about it and she was happy with me aswell.


The next week, i took the list of what i needed and i went back to my uncle’s house, when i got there, i gave him the list, the total money i needed was about Three hundred thousand Naira {300,000.00}, my uncle told me that he will give me the money but there is something he want me to do for him, i asked him to mention whatever it is that i will do it, he told me that i should meet him tomorrow at Kings Mill Savannah Hotel by 7pm, i asked him what for, he said he want to have s*x with me first, and after having s*x with me, he will pay the money into my account.


i was shocked to hear such a thing from my uncle, he is a senior brother to my father and i never expected him to talk that way. he told me that he have been helping many ladies through that way, he said if i can do it that he will do anything i asked him to do for me. I was silent for a while and i left his house without telling him anything, he told me to go and think about it and give him a feed back. As i was going, one mind told me to do it but my spirit advised me never to try it. Must i have s*x before i can achieve success? . .



When i got home that very day, i narrated the story to my mother and she was shocked and never expected such from my uncle. So We started running up and down again in search of money and help, and to God be the glory, one of my daddy’s friend who was working in the same company with my father when he was alive, he accpted to sponsor me in the university. Joy filled my heart, i was very happy that finally God have answered my prayers. .



After one week, i went to the man’s office, his name is Mr Danny,he is married with two kids and a lovely wife, he have two cars and he is super rich. i never knew that God can use such a man to answer my prayers, how God connected me to him was so miraculous, it happens that one day i was walking along the road, i saw a small nylon bag, i picked it up and opened it, i saw some documents in it so i decided to check what is inside the document, when i opened one of the documents, i found out that the document was a transaction between one Mr Danny and one Mr Felix, it was a land transaction document, i knew that the owner of the documents must have been looking for it and the documents was the original copy of it and not a photocopy, when i go through the documents, i saw the owner’s phone number and through it i contacted him and he gave me an address where i will come to meet him, the next day i went to his office and delivered the documents to him and he was very happy.



I never knew that the man was my father’s good friend until when he asked me to tell him where i came from, so i told him that i am the daughter of Late Mr Goodwin Dennis, he was shocked to hear that name, i told him about my father and how he died, after much explanations, he told me that my father was a very good friend to him, and from there i explained my tragic situation to him and he accepted to sponsor me in the University. He gave me a cheque of 500,000.00 thousand naira and said i should alert him whenever i need more.

This is what God can do, Only God can do this, Always put your trust in God and never you loose hope in any situation you may see yourself.




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