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Road To Success – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 4]

Road To Success

Road To Success

De9jaSpirit Originals

Story Title:Road To Success (Season 2)

Episodes: 4

Category: 18+ 

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Episode 1





After telling me the story, she said she have come to plead with me to forgive her, she said it was not really her fault that she wanted to help me to write the exam but time was not on her side so she decided to write only my name and submit. I burst into laughter and told her that i scored 77 in the subject, she was surprised and she did not believe it, i took her to the score board and she saw the score herself.



We started looking for a way to verify that the score was really mine, we later found out. It happens that when the lecturer was marking the papers, he got to my own paper and noticed that i did not write anything, so he just put two question marks on the paper and continued with other papers, the question mark am talking about is this one (??). He just saw the booklet empty and he put that question mark and continued with other booklets, but it happens that he made a mistake when putting the question mark, he forgot to put a full-stop at the bottom of the question marks [??], so the question mark looked like 77 score.


After marking the papers, he gave it to someone to help him record the scores and submit to him, when the person got to my own answer booklet, he saw something that looks like a question mark [??] but because there was no full-stop at the bottom of the question mark [??} so he thought it was 77, he dont have the right to correct anything on the paper, his work is just to record the marks. so he just recorded 77 for me and that was how i passed the subject and finally God gave me victory even without the notice of the lecturer. .


This is another miracle, Its Only God that have the power to do this, never you give up on God, he is aware of your problems and he will surely visit you if you can maintain your stand


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