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Revenge Is Sweet – Season 1 – Episode 3

Penelope got up from the table walked over to him and gave him a long lingering kiss. Her short skirt rode up quite high as she bent over and he couldn’t resist placing his hand on her leg and moving it gently up and down.

She responded to his touch by sitting on his lap, allowing his hand to proceed all the way up to her brief briefs. As her tongue explored his mouth he moved his finger around the narrow barrier and put it just a few centimeters into the lips of her vagina. She gave a little gasp as he moved the finger around.

Moving his hand from her legs he began to unbutton her top. As she was wearing no bra he made instant contact with he firm but soft warm tits. He quickly pulled it off completely and began to suck her n*pples which had become erect and inviting.

Penelope could feel his penis grinding against he bum and thought they should move some to somewhere a little more comfortable. She led him over to the sofa and quickly took off her skirt and panties, threw herself onto the cushions and waited for him to removed his clothes.

Jarred went straight down on his knees, gently prized her legs apart and buried his face in her bush. She repositioned herself by drawing herself up, grabbing the back of the sofa and forcing the lower portion of her body upwards. Jarred extended his arms to grasp her narrow waist and continued to nuzzle the lips of her flower.

As she twisted and turned her body in a passionate frenzy he moved into an upright position, pinning her arms and forcing his cock into her wet crack. She squealed as he drove it deep inside of her and then gyrated her ass like an Egyptian belly dancer, causing him to groan as he struggled to control the action.

Jarred was very happy to keep doing what he was doing as he could see her tits bounce from side to side with every thrust. But she wanted to change his point of entry and pushing him off for a few seconds she turned with her back towards him. Leaning forward with her hands on the back of the sofa she encouraged him to grab onto her tits as he rammed it into her from the rear.

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