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Revealed Secret – Season 1 Episode 8 [Completed]

Episode 8


He kept her hands behind her back as he slid his cock inside her, while his black t shirt was still on and her mini skirt rolled up her waist. He pushed her back down and thrust inside her not yet open pussy. She moaned in pain until she got used to him. Collins lowered his body on hers and said “get that gorgeous cunt of yours wet for me” and kept thrusting. Bony felt instantly a shiver down her spine and let a cry, not out of pain but of lust. He fucked her a little more and then turned her over, knelt in front of her and licked her. She felt him lick all her sore spots and healing her rough taking. She knew he liked her taste as he has said that at a time when they were devoted into pleasing orally each other. The way he ate her made her soften, she grabbed his hair and caressed him, it was a moment of great pleasure.


He looked up and stood over, sliding slowly his cock inside her, slowly now, making love to her, changing from rough to sweet. Bony was melting inside, like going up and down waves, feeling close to cumming and then feeling him pausing. He smiled as he saw how torturing this was for her and he pulled softly and lovingly her hair as he thrust a bit harder and faster. As she was about to cum. As she burst on his cock. As she came for him.


“Oh yes,” Collins whispered, “oh yes!”


Bony whispered “Cum, love.”


Collins said “I am ready” and moved faster when he cried out “Oh yes, Camille”






Bony’s contractions stopped, paused, ceased. His last thrust felt painful.




Her heart stopped, paused and ceased like her pussy did.


Like a sudden drop of an elevator, she sank. Bony moved away and gathered her scattered clothes.


“Bony…” Collins started but she stopped him.


“It’s OK darling. It’s OK. I had to leave anyway…”


Collins was looking at the ceiling but talked to Bony “I am sorry Bony. That shouldn’t have happened.” Not to you, he meant but he wasn’t brave enough to admit it even to himself.


As he didn’t touch her or move to stand up, she quickly left the house and pressed herself against the wall outside his door to ease her heartbeat. She didn’t remember how she got to her apartment.


No one called the next days. At the end of the week Januzaj called to set a meeting at the usual place, the usual time.


Bony showed up late and was reserved the whole time. Collins was seated three persons away and, although felt and heard her presence, tried not to make eye contact. Half an hour later Bony got up and greeted him, “Hey, Collins, how are you doing?”


He took only a second to make eye contact and returned to his glass in front of him. “Good, you?”


Bony stood for a moment. Looking at his hands and his tensed features.


“All ok Collins, take care.”


She murmured good night but she had to leave and despite Januzaj trying to make her stay she politely refused and ran to the soft breeze outside. To breathe at last.


Januzaj saw the whole thing tht was happening, and got the underlying tension. He went to Collins, a little demanding, a little more intent than he’s always been.


“What’s your problem, man, with her?”


He paused.


“You’re not worth her.”


Collins didn’t answer.


Januzaj insisted. “What was wrong this time? What’s the deal with her?”


“She got too close.”



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