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RELATIONSHIP ADVICE!! She Is Not The One For You If_____________?

Hello Guys,

We guys have to give ourselves a big advice today ??

Its funny when you see some boys continue to waste their precious time and money on a lady that feels nothing for them ?

Sometimes i feel they continue to do it out of ignorance or maybe they feel if they spend more the girl will automatically fall in love with them.

Relationship is a two way traffic. Both parties have to be involved in it. There must always be sacrifices. Through thick and thin you guys stay glued.

But how can a Guy know the girl he is killing himself for is only after his money? Or she doesn’t like him back??

Lets expose some truth below ??

MINE: She Is Not The One For You If She Is Never Ready To Meet Your Family!

Tell us yours…

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But that is a BIG FAT LIE. You can never buy love & loyalty. She will never be yours. And trust me when i say she could even end up giving your money to the guy she really likes ??

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