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Rebound Girl – Season 1 Episode 7 [Completed]

One day I sat my girl friend down and confessed to her how I cheated on her with rebound girl and she goes crazy raining curses at me and crying I try to console but it doesn’t work out she breaks up with me. Although I felt bad because every part of me didn’t want her to go but there was this part itching waiting and craving for Rebounds girls love. So I call rebound girl and give her the good news but she shows no excitement I tell her I want to see her but she acts nonchalant. I ask her if the Jerk has started treating her right but she says no so I ask why she is acting up doesn’t she still love me she says she loves me but she wants to be sure that I do. I tell her I just ended my relationship with a girl who did nothing to hurt me and this is all you can say. She tells me she had put a lot of effort into loving me in the past and she always ended up feeling stupid. I tell her I know she is scared but that right now am ready buts she still acts up. I remind her that she said if i ever show interest in dating her she would dump whoever she is for me and i asked her if she said all that just to make me dump my girl but she didnt respond.


For a month I waited nothing changed it was then I thought to myself so I called my Girlfriend and we had a chat at the end of the chat I ask her if she still loves me she says yes and I ask why. She says because everything about me makes her love me more. Her statement weakens my soul and revives the heart from the pain it had been through we reconcile and our relationship flourished.

A week latter my Rebound girl calls me and tells me she heard me and my girl had reconciled, she said it in a harsh and pompous tone. I replied her yes and she mumbles some stuff saying she knew I can never truly love her and had obviously concocted the breakup just to get a fill of her again. I tell her I was willing to give it a try but she didn’t reciprocate, i actually used the word Shakara a Nigerian term for playing hard to get or feeling fly then in anger she tells me that I am not the kind of guy she wants to get married to so I should stop acting childish. I am stung by her words, a girl who claimed I was her world was telling me this it was then I concluded that I am not going to have a Rebound I would never stop trying to make things work with any Girl I date and this was the END of me and her. Although deep down in my heart i often wondered how things would have been if we actually dated, but you see i held my own part of the bargain to the end but she didnt, watching me and making me chase after wasn’t part of the deal so at least i have a clear conscience and i believe the Jerk has started making her happy thats why she didn’t want to leave him and i am back with my girl so i don’t need the services of a REBOUND GIRL.


I remain JT the lovable John Thomas a fictional character who remains a sucker for love…… fairy tales always have happy ending but reality creates a balance. love isn’t love if it isn’t reciprocal and if it has to be proved, love is not a test its a risk and only those who dare to place their fragile hearts astake for the thrill of it deserve it but remember, a broken heart can be mended but it would always have it scars. This scars remind us that we need to bet wisely when we enter the love casino for he who bares the greatest risk has a chance of getting the greatest reward or losing it all.

The End (please comment)

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