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Rebound Girl – Season 1 Episode 5

We kept on going out till one day, we were in my house watching a movie. When she looks me in my eyes and says she loves me. I give her a peck in acknowledgement and she asks if I love her. I had notice she has been making conscious effort to get rid of those traits which I admire but don’t want in my ideal woman and to create a balance she had begun to get more creative in bed to keep the attraction. Deep down within my heart I had loads of affections for her but it still wasn’t love. The only purpose I felt she could serve to me was rebound. Her duty is to help me get back to my feet and nurse my heart injuries whenever I get a love accident. I tell her I am sorry, She says she understand but I was sure she didn’t she ripped her clothes off and we start to make out but as soon as I spread her legs apart to taste from her honey pot she begins to cry I stop but she tells me to continue that she is fine then she cries louder telling me she is willing to sacrifice her all for me but she is sure that all I am interested in is her body. She tells me she feels I think she would always be there forever that’s why I don’t want to show my love for her. There was no way for me to explain myself. She dries up her tears dresses up gives me a hug and was about to leave. I hold her hands telling her I can’t allow her leave. She sits down and asks me to tell her what I have to say . in confusion I kept on repeating the phrase “you won’t understand” she shakes her head in disappointment and left.


I call her a couple of times she either doesn’t pick or even when she does she always acted as if she was in a hurry all effort made to see her proofed abortive I missed her a bit, you know that feeling you get when you leave your girl home alone and go to hang out with the boys that’s how I felt but I couldn’t be bothered because her job was done she had healed my heart, she is my Rebound girl she just needs a little time but would be back again to treat mywounds when my next my heart bleeds.

With time I meet this new girl she everything I want in my ideal woman. We start a relationship and it’s going on fine. One day from the blues my rebound girl calls me to tell me about a guy she just started dating,telling me how nice cute and lovely he is. I share my gratitude with her and from then all we start calling each other randomly just to say hi and keep in touch. She calls me up one day telling me she wants me to meet her boy friend by I decline she asks me why but I just tell her I can’t, although I couldn’t tell her but it just didn’t feel right going to meet up with the boyfriend of a girl who I had banged severally I saw it as this respect to the guy. She tells me her boyfriends say she talks about me a lot and I advise her to stop it that it might get the guy worried but she says he is a very matured and understanding guy. My girlfriend gets a bit suspicious because of our calls but I explain to her that she is just a friend and I put the phone on speaker a couple of time so that she can hear our conversation.

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