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Rebound Girl – Season 1 Episode 4

Right now I am feeling vulnerable and helpless but truly excited she climb on my laps and cross her legs on me, then she licks my ears and they tickle then she begins to unbutton my shirt . She places her hand on my chest and stokes it tenderly I let out a light m0an and she giggles. She unzips me and feels my bulge through my boxers. She changes the music and begins to grind on it. I try to let lose my hands from the towel but it was well tied.


She walks away living me in bewilderment and comes back with a bottle of beer feeds me it all at once. She kisses me hard and violent then she turns of light and the only illumination we have if a dim bluish light provided by the television. She places a cloth on top of it and it gets darker. I could see her entire figure but not every detail. She touches’ me and I felt as if my sense of touch got heighten to compensate for my lose of clear vision for I’ve never felt a touch so good. I could feel her lips on it.


2 –>

I begged her to release my hands but she refused and kept on teasing me. She sits directly into me and begins to move up and down slowly and wiggling, my hands begged for a feel of her body but they were still trapped. I enjoyed every bit of it but I couldn’t help but wonder the types of movies she that inspire her to do s£xy craze s–t like this probably some hard score next level BDSM. I didn’t wonder for long the smooth sound of her voice as she climaxed had an effect which trigger an eruptions. She lets loose of my hands forwards they stretched and made themselves comfortable on her buttocks she laughs and whispers teasing my likeness for her bum. I kiss her then we go take a shower talk for a while then fall asleep in each other’s arms.

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