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Rebound Girl – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 7]

 Rebound Girl

Rebound Girl

Episode 1


Don’t go back to sleep my love, don’t go back when we have matters unsolved. Don’t go back when u know both our hearts bleed. Don’t go back I plead. These were the words sunk deep in my heart as my girlfriend Suzy dropped the phone on me. I persevere and call her one last time but she refuses to answer the phone. I feel a wind of sharp emotional pain blow against me it crystallizes into discontent and I feel grieve because at that moment she was dead to me, Her love killed from my heart but the memories I couldn’t erase for they were deep and they were lovely. I wondered how easy it could be for her to go back to sleep while am here restless, sleepless there was only one way to numb this pain. I picked up my phone and called the only person who understand me in times like this my rebound girl. At first she doesn’t pick and when she does she begins to tongue lash me but on hearing the dead depressing tone of my voice she felt empathy and urged me to try and sleep and promised to see me the next day.


On her arrival the next day she begins to rebuke me saying I only remember her when am lonely and I explain to her that she is the one who understands me calling her my heart healer and joy bringer in my shattered world. She tries hard to hide a smile for my words pleased her and tickled her in places unreachable to the finger. I began to tell her how much I loved my girlfriend but she cuts me short telling me am making her jealous so I go straight to the bitter issues stating the reason for the split up. She gives me a hug and stokes my back and my lips found its place in hers. My Right hand slipped under her top and I felt the warmth of her skin. I get a head rush followed by an er£ction. It couldn’t be helped I became vicious as I attempted to take off her top completely. She stopped me and I paused for a while, I could see any reason to stop so I went ahead she let me fondle her a little then she gets up and put on back her shirt and accuses me of inviting her down just for s£x. Her statementkilled the excitement. I didn’t reply immediately for my words must be choosing skillful. I walk close to her and I put my arms around her but she shoves them away. I take a step back and I explain to her that I care a lot about her and respect her as a friend but I can’t help the fact that I am intimately attracted to her adding that I always felt some sort of emotions toward her stressing this as the reason I kept my distance from her.

She moves closer put her arms around my neck give me a peak looks in my eyes and suggest that we start a relationship since we both claim to understand each other and have feelings. I couldn’t explain what I felt for her but it wasn’t love, it was a weird attraction for the qualities I admired in her weren’t the qualities

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