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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 8

Pamela`s POV
I was lost in my own thoughts walking on the pavement besides the road, going through the list I made in my head for the things was out to buy. It was almost the end of a mid-semester and I had to make sure I had all I needed in my room to avoid lacking when it gets tough on group studies and preparations for exams.
Oh yeah, I had made it to the university. A year after completing high school my family moved to Lusaka. I applied in the school of humanities at the University of Zambia and was selected successfully to study Law. I made new friends and got myself a stable boyfriend. Everyone around me knew I was a good girl and had a focused way of living. Unbeknownst to them, my past still haunted me. I still had bad dreams at night.
Over time my new best friend from campus would get me to the ZAFES gatherings, an inter denomination prayer group. I realized the more I went the less guilty and ashamed I was feeling about myself. However, that innermost thing about my past scenes still hang in the back of my head and I felt it drag me back a little back all the time.
“Pamela! Pamela!’ I heard a voice call me out making me abruptly look back at who the voice belonged to. I saw him walk faster to join me. He wore a soft jean slacks, brown in color, a gold t-shirt and some black moccasin on his feet. He was looking so attractive more than the way I remembered him from high school. I for a moment wondered if it were truly him. He wore the same old nice smile as he come up to me.
“Dee, “I heaved a sigh shaking off the thoughts of his looks.
“Hey Pamela, my God, it has been so long.” He pulled me in a hug and I held him longer than I had anticipated.
“Hey you, how have you been? You look so grownup and great too” he smiled looking up and down my ragged jeans and blue bare back top I was clad in.
“You look stunning yourself and manly” I smiled as a matter of fact.
“Thanks. How have you been? God you girls have all changed he sighed after we were done exchanging greetings.
“You girls? “ I asked wanting to know what he really meant.
“Yeah, am sure you see each other with Fey right?” he shrugged casually and stepping forward as I followed suit.
“Fey, oh yeah Fey. Honestly Daniels I have not set my eyes on her for almost 3 years now. I would lie to say we have been in touch” I scoffed the thoughts of Felicia chocking my thoughts.
“Hmm how? I don’t understand, you guys where like buddies for life. How come you don’t even call each other? He queried sounding disappointed.
“Do you see her? I mean have you met Felicia after school?” I asked ignoring his statement.
“Yeah. I see her almost daily” he smiled looking at me as I surveyed his face to seek the truth.
“Really? Like see her for real” how does she look like? Is she just okey? You know… am um…like fine?” I stammered despising the way my words were coming out.
My words made Daniels stop in his steps his smile fading.
“Tell me what happened between the three of you Pamela. Its crazy cause every time I ask Fey about you she acts weird as well, she tells me everything has an end “he glared.
“Yeah she is right, I guess. We simply came to an end. “
“Well if you ask me I find that hard to believe. I know as you grow up things change a little bit but you can still hang out sometimes, call or text each other. No way you could just end like that you know, it’s awkward” he concluded and I let him talk. I didn’t want to get going on the subject lest he prompted me to say why we broke up with Felicia.
“So, tell me about yourself, I asked as we came to halt by a cosmetics shop along Cairo road. I suggested we get to an ice-cream parlor and we ordered a cup each sitting on the high stools. He smiled when we were settled and looked at his hand playing with a scoop of ice-cream.
“Well, I have been okey dear. I still go to church and leading one of our youth group in our church. Am doing my third year at NIPA. I see Fey like I mentioned earlier and we are hanging out apparently”
He could not finish his last sentence and I chocked, coughing loudly feeling the cold ice cream on my throat.
“Pamela are you okey?” he asked me worried as he handed me his hand kerchief,
“Yeah. Yea am… okey.” I composed myself clearing my throat.
“It’s just am. Forget it. Am happy for you Daniels” I lied looking away from his staring eyes.
“Okey” he exhaled looking down his hands again.
“Am sorry but I got to go now” I stepped down.
“Oh well, so soon, you suggested this. Anyways it’s good to see you after a long while. Am sure Fey will be glad to hear about you, visit her some time. She is also studying at my school” he smile holding my hand as I shook it good bye. He gave me his line and I beeped him before turning to go.
“Did you hear what I said about Fey?” he asked making me look back at him feeling sorry for him. His persistence to love a girl that embarrassed him so much a few years back making me sick.
“Yeah sure, say hi to her” I quickly responded and walked away.
I was feeling my heart beat increasing its rate as I got far from the ice-cream shop. I had to get away from someone who reminded me of things I wanted to forget. If there was a way of warning the innocent guy to stay away from Felicia I could have told him.
I could vividly remember Ritahs face at her brothers funeral. She was so sad I felt her pain. The death of her brother which she entirely blamed on Felicia got her so shaken,
“I am beginning to hate that girl my dear. She drew us both into the dark path and as though that is enough she insists on going out with my brother. She killed him and now am too scared to tell her off. I cannot even tell my dad what really happened because I fear what that thing she has will do to me.” Ritah had ranted in sadness.
“Mmmmhm this is serious Ritah, I don’t want to believe Fey would kill anyone, she is not a bad person or killer we both know that” I frowned
“yeah she cannot kill a man but that thing she has can, remember it’s from evil, it will not bring her Christmas now will it?’ she shook her head.
“Stay away from her my dear, if you know what’s good for you stay the hell away from that girl or you will follow Bright.” Ritah spoke with so much warning in her voice the very thought of whatever our friend had and which we were lucky to get rid of made me so scared I felt goose pumps all over my body.
The day of the burial I saw Felicia walking towards us, she looked so sad, her eyes were puffed and red I knew she had been crying. I wanted to walk over to her and comfort her, she was my friend and I saw how much she needed us both but Ritah pulled my hand making me stay back.
“Don’t even think about it, she is no longer our friend” she whispered
“she needs us Ritah, she looks so shattered, and obviously she didn’t want any of this. Just look at her “I shook my head feeling pity for Felicia as she continuously wiped her tears standing some few steps away from where everybody was at the cemetery where the burial ceremony was taking place.
“She is a witch that has killed my brother. Go on to her and the next funeral will be yours” she uttered warningly and looked away leaving me silent I kept looking at Felicia.
She walked away later on before the ceremony could be over. Her long black dress lifted in her hands as she disappeared in the small scrubs in the cemetery.
My phone beeped making me sigh getting off my memories.
“Hey babe” I slid the phone answering a call from my boyfriend.
“Yeah am just getting to the bus station. I have changed my mind I will do that shopping some other day” I told Brian and cut the call.
The time I got to my room, it was past 16 and the heat outside was subsiding. I took a quick bath and dressed in a wrapper settling on my bed to study. I was half way through it when I received a call from the strange number which I quickly recognized as that of Daniels. I had not saved it yet.
“Hey Dee, “I answered
“Hey, so I got to school, am with Fey right now. Thought you guys can greet each other” he spoke and I heard a stillness on the other line before I could act.
“Hello! “ I heard a familiar voice and my voice went mute all of a sudden,
“Halo!” she spoke again.
“Halo” I responded…
“Um let me call you back. “ I quickly cut the line my hands sweating I felt my head ache a little bit as tension built in my body. I stepped away from my bed and looked at my phone memories of a small maggot coming to my head and making me see it once again on the page on the book I was studying. I stepped back and let a small scream.
“What is going on here?” my roommate walked in at the very instant.
“Um um nothing I just thought I saw a lizard walk under my bed” I panicked sitting right back and holding my head in my hands.
“I need to go for the payer meeting” I stood up walking to the door.
“Are you sure you are okey. You look stressed?” Ethel asked me seeing how worked up I had become.
“Yeah. See you later “I waved at her rushing outdoor.
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