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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 24 [Completed]

“You should have not gone away from me my love, I know I acted wrongly but I never meant for you to go away. I loved you when you were still a young girl, I loved you even when everything about you was a mystery and I love you now that we have nothing more to hide from each other. ” he smiled as he spoke standing in the door way.
Daniels had rushed to come pick me the moment I called him to tell him where I was.
“Am sorry for everything I did wrong Daniels and I apprecaite that you love me this much. It is because of you that am able to stand and smile like this” I nodded my head holding him closer to myself.
Well, to say it felt home is not an exaggeration, his soft heart beats connected to my body made me realise how blessed I was. The words of my mother crawling back in my mind.
“God has a way of giving you what you want Felicia, you do not have to deep your hands in evil for you to find true happiness, trust him for even when the path looks dark, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel for those that trust and waits upon the Lord”
Surely I now believed, all I needed was to be patient, even though i had to learn it the hard way, the happiness that I found in my life was more than enough to cover up the shame and the pain I had undergone.
3 months later,
I had one more mission to accomplish, I had to give a testimony to the church, and this time around I chose to go to Pastor Chibiye’s church and I could see his shocked face seeing me walk in with my husband.
“What the hell are you doing in my church?” He walked towards me his face stained with fury.
“Don’t worry, am here to help the lost souls of God find a way home” I smiled at him.
“Do not tempt me to do things I do not intend to!” He went on scolding me but I blushed his threats off.
“Am not scared of you Chibiye! You are not a true man of God and God will not allow you to lead all these innocent souls in hell. Amongst them is one that God has appointed to be pastor of this church, so if you would excuse me, the audience is waiting” I whispered to him and walked to the alter clad in a well tailored chitenge dress that was going down my feet.
I looked at the audience, my uncle and his family smiling at me.
My brother too was there giving me a smile that spoke lots more than pride and gratitude he felt towards me. Seated next to him was Chalwe and my lovely Husband.
“You can do it” he spoke with his lips and I smiled before looking at everyone else. I heard a voice inside of me give me strength.
“It is for my Glory, do not be ashamed”
I smiled and cleared my throat before beginning.
When I was done telling my story I could see a few faces crying and wiping tears. Some stood up giving God glory. When I lifted my hands to pray, I was amazed what God was doing in my life.
There was shouting and screaming as people went down others in worship whilst others falling surrendering their lives to Christ, among them pastor Chibiye, the man I knew as a witch Doctor transformed to save Christ in his own formed Church.
I realised then that the Lord can use anything and anyone for the groly of his Holy name.
Daniels was watching me pray and sing songs of praise and worship his face amazed. To be honesty I didnt plan it to get that far but who was I to control the mind of God.
After 3 hours of prayer and deliverance I saw the man I had talked to about the church earlier and he fall on his knees asking me to lead their church.
I looked at him shaking my head.
“No, I came to give my testimony, even though God has used my mission for something else, I don’t feel I am the person to lead you all.”
“Yes you are, why else would God show us his mighty power through you if you are not destined to be our preacher and leader?”
I couldn’t agree with him.
Going back Home my heart kept leading me back to that church. I told Chalwe and my husband and they seemed to be in support of me going to start praying at the church.
Well a year later i was a full time Pentecostal pastor of the church that was started by a witch Doctor, even when others came to just see the face of a woman who had a lilomba, God used me to bring them back to himself and the congregation grew to a large group I lost count of the numbers.
Being a female pastor, a working woman and a wife has and was not so easy but what can i say, the Lord God has his own way of making things happen. There were other pastors helping out and everything went on succesfully.
One day, I was standing in front of our house some 4 months later, holding my tummy. I was just coming from the doctor who confirmed the third time i was pregnant.
I could not wait to tell Daniles and I smiled at the thought of him knowing I was to give him a child we both had longed for years.
“Are you going to come in the house or you will stand outside in the rain?” He walked to the door I guessed he saw me through the window.
“I love standing in thee rain and enjoying the cold feeling it is giving to my skin. I lived with my body covered for a long time and I forgot the wonderful feeling of a chilly weather on my skin” I smiled looking up as the rains got heavier.
He smiled shaking his head.
“I can’t believe you are this crazy” he laughed and before I knew it he rushed towards me and held my waist closer to him the rain drops covering his delicate face skin his lashes got wet making him look more attractive in my eyes.
“How is my baby doing?” He asked rubbing my silk wet dress on my tummy i smiled
“How did you know?” I asked him looking down his hands on me as the water fall off my hair falling on his hand.
Slowly he lifted my face and kissed me for a couple of minutes.
“I saw the first test you did and I have been waiting for you to tell me. I love you my Felicia and with or without a child you are perfect for me. I want to grow old and serve the Lord together with you. Thank you again for making me a father” he smiled widely.
“Oh God this man I love to the core, thank you for giving me him!” I looked up the sky, the rains soaking my eyes my hair was now patted.
He slowly lifted me and walked away from the rains taking us both inside the house.
In that moment I closed my eyes leaning my head on his shoulder.
“There is a God somewhere! I love you Jesus, Thank you!” I whispered in my heart my mouth curving into a smile. the moment I opened my eyes his face was so close to mine, he kissed me passionately still endruring my weight in his arms.
I was reborn, this time in the light and love of My Jesus who washed me in his blood, lifted me up and gave me a new name.
I am Felicia and this is my story, am not ashamed anymore and I will live to tell my testimony till my time on earth is over. For the bible says they shall overcame by the word of their testimony.
…………… The End………

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