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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 23

Daniel’s POV
To say i was in a shock is an understatement, I was terrified to the core such that even as I woke up from my blackout, my heart was still racing.
I woke up just at the point when Chalwe and the other men where seriously praying for the snake.
I watched as it twisted and screamed in a hissing tone and fall down dead. Seeing my wife’s head on it made me want to throw up.
I knew she was sorry seeing how she was crying as she narrated the story. In my heart I wanted to reach out to her and help her feel okay. But I was so much in shock so much that I was agitated just her being so close to me.
Seeing her walk away from our bedroom was sad, I was contributing to her pain and I could not do a thing to help her.
“What are you doing Daniels?” I hit my head sitting back on my bed. I didn’t even realise I fall asleep, by the time I woke up it was way past 08 am.
I took a quick bath and stood determined to face a new day. In my mind I made a mental note to behave well around my wife and let her feel my support. Knowing so well, I was not going to devorce her. Part of me felt I loved her and there was no way I was going to throw away our marriage over the past. I had to find a way to work through the dark past and start anew.
“Good morning Cuz!” Chalwe called me out from the Kitchen.
“Good morning ” I responded walking towards the kitchen to join him.
“You sister in law is still sleeping?” I asked grabbing a glass of water and pouring myself some water from the water bottle.
“No, she woke up about 2 hours ago and left” he responded. At the moment I thought he was talking about her going for work but then it clicked that it was a Saturday.
“What? Is she working today?” I asked sighing deeply after drinking the water.
“No, she said she needed to stay away for a while. She said she could not stand the pain she saw you going through and according to her, she wants you to come around on your own terms” he explained
“Oh no, how can she just leave without talking to me first. She should have heard me or better still told me she felt that way” I sunk back in the kitchen chair feeling guilty for the way I acted.
“Maybe you didn’t give her a reason to stay in this house. She was under the influence of the enemy Daniels, you can not throw all this on her. Have you sat down to think of how much she went through over the years. How much pain shevmust have suffered especially that she had no one to share her burdens with? It’s easy to judge others when they sin, but let me ask you a question, have you not sinned yourself?” He challenged me.
“I have ” I responded bluntly.
“Yeah you have, right, not only once but several times. Imagine God had never forgiven you for those many times you sinned?” He shook his head as he went on making himself some breakfast.
“Think of it in this way, God has forgiven her, has set her free, the same God who has several times let you back to him after you backslid. How will he feel his child whom he has embraced with his iniquity falling to forgive another when he himself has forgiven her?” He looked at me this time pausing whatever hecwas doing with his bread.
“I know I acted bad towards her last night. I need to find her and bring her back home. She is my wife and I know she needs me more than ever” I stood up wanting to go out to find her just to realise I had no idea where she had gone
“Did she say where she was going?” I asked Chalwe .
“No she didn’t say that. Have you tried to call her line?” He asked.
“Yes, I have called her more than 3 times now but I cannot get through to her” I responded trying to call her line again.
I took off to her uncle’s place where I was forced to explain what happened for my wife to leave without saying where she was going.
The rest of the day went slow as I tried to find Felicia. I asked her friends from work which was easier cause she never had that many friends.
“Where are you Felicia? ” I sighed standing at my car after going through her office to find she was not there either.
Days went by without her calling me back. I left several text and voice messages for her but all to no avail.
“She is taking this too far Chalwe, she cannot be away from home for the entire week without thinking of coming back” I told Chalwe as we sat in the living room.
“She will come back don’t worry” he shrugged and kept his eyes on the TV like he didn’t care where my wife was.
“Really? That’s all you can say?” I asked rather disapointed with his actions.
“Yeah, my duty came to an end when that thing died. God brought me here for that very purpose now i understand why i didnt find a room at campus earlier, and just like to confirm that my mission is over, my friend offered me some bed space and am moving into Campus tommorow the rest is yours to settle Cuz. ” he smiled casually.
His leaving me even made things worse as I could not bare her absence. I had missed her so much I prayed for her return.
Felicia’s POV
Eight days later, I woke up with a slight headach. Pamela had called me to go spend some time at her place on the copperbelt.
I called her after visiting Ritah telling her what happned and with joy she screamed loudly,
“Am so relieved Felicia, you have no idea how much I have prayed for you to be free.”
“Yes I am but I have moved out of my husband’s house for a while” I went on explaining what had happened.
“The bible says all things work good for those that love God, my friend after I left your place I applied for a job on the copperbelt and right now am still working here with a far much better job than what I had back in Lusaka. If you don’t mind, you can come here and stay for a while till your husband comes around. I have found true women and men of God and I joined a good church. ”
I hesitatated a bit but seeing I really didn’t have somewhere I could stay till I felt ready to face my husband, I went to stay with her.
I had called my boss to tell him I was asking for some months off on leave before I left and he asked me to sign the leave forms.
Here I was waking up with some headach I asumed the overnight prayers we had at Pamela’s church got me the headach.
“You are finally up?” Pamela walked in the room I was given.
“Yeah my head is aching though” i held my head as I responded.
“Well, you spent the entire night praying and I saw you did pray more than most of us there, you have to give yourself some break Felicia. You don’t have to feel all guilty anymore. God heard your prayers and he will help you no matter what comes in your life from now on” she held my shoulder sitting next to me.
“Who else can pray more than me when am the one who learnt the hardest lesson ?” I smiled at her still holding my head.
“I don’t mean to burge in but don’t you think it’s high time you went back to your husband? He must be looking for you it’s been over a week Felicia atleast tell him where you are, let him rest easy.”
I cleared my throat before answering her.
“You want to know the truth? ” I asked her
“Hmmm” she murmered sitting comfortably besides me
“Am scared, I don’t know how to face him after everything that happned. You should have seen how he looked at me that day, what if he doesn’t love me again?” I shook my head.
“You know, I cannot bare that, hmmhm I can’t my friend. Him rejecting me Will finish me” I sighed sitting back.
“So what now, you are going to stay away for good? You won’t go back to your matrimonial home because you are afraid? Come on Fey, that man loves you, maybe as you are struggling with such thoughts he too is longing to have you back with him. Take courage and face your fears Fey. You cannot throw away all the years of you working hard to keep your man even under such condtions as you did just to throw away everything in water.” She advised me.
“Come on, go on and call him now” she insisted as I remained quite trying to think over what she had told me.
I turned off the phone the time I got here, just after seeing you. I have not charged it for a while it needs to be charged ” I responded
“Here use my phone, go on call him. Let me make something for you to eat” she handed me her phone.
“Thank you, thank you for being a true friend and for seeing me through the most difficult times of my life ” I held her back before she could leave.
“You have told me that a hundredth times. Will you stop now. .? ” she smiled
“I know it’s just that I can’t seem to feel so convinced my apprecatition is enough” I smiled back.
“I love it when you smile you know that?” She patted my hand and walked away leaving me staring at her and later on the door closed behind her.
My heart was racing as I pressed Daniel’s mobile number.
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