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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 20

Daniel’s POV
I kept walking around the hospital alley my patient running out. It was almost half an hour since I took Felicia to the hospital and she was being diagonised by the doctors.
“She will be okey” my mother walked towards me and lifted my hand folding my palm in hers.
“She will be okey, I guess it’s just the pressure of the wedding” she whispered
“Am worried mom, the matron told me she collapsed again in the morning before the wedding and now this. Oh God, I can’t take this, I feel like rushing to find out what is going on in there” I shook my head.
“Dan!” She called me this time her stare serious.
“Did you and Felicia meet? Like.. you know what I mean” she shrugged
I knew what she meant of course but i was not so sure why she was asking me that moment. So I decided to nod my head to answer her.
“How long ago?” She asked again making me feel uncomfortable.
“Mom come on.. what’s all this, Gosh! This is so embarrassing” I smile a little bit.
“Am serious about this Dan, if you and your wife met before you married I have to know how long cause I might know the cause of her dizziness and blackouts” she led me to the bench as she spoke.
“We met mother, and I think it was almost 2 months ago” I responded feeling uncomfortable.
“Yeah if my instincts serve me right, she is preganant ” she shrugged sitting back.
“What? Preganant? Mom, you think that’s it?” I asked
“Yes, but we have to wait for the doctors to confirm that though” she smiled holding my shoulder.
“Oh God, how could I not think of that? This will be good news right mom?” I smiled standing up, the thought of Felicia carrying my child exciting me I was almost jumping even though i was not sure yet.

A few minutes later, the Doctor came out and confirmed my mother’s theory. Felicia was about 6 weeks preganant and I could not hold my joy. Carrying my Jacket where I had placed it before, I rushed to see her.
“My love!” I smiled bending to kiss her in the forehead.
“Hey! Married man” she smiled at me
“Hey married woman! How are you feeling ?” I asked siiting next to her.
“Much better, has the Doctor told you?” She asked
“Yes, am so excited. God is indeed blessed this day for me. Apart from giving you to me he adds to my joy by making me a father” I exclaimed happily.
“Are you happy really? ” she lifted her face at me.
” you teasing me right? This is good news Felicia. We gonna be parents”
She l ookedd down though, I could see that sad face again.
“What is it ?” I say back looking at her with a frowmed face.
“I was worried you would be mad at me, I don’t know Daniels, isn’t this too early?” She asked.
“Look at me” I lifted her chin to make her face me.
“We are no longer kids my love, we are married so what else can you ask for? This baby here is welcome at any time. He or she will complete out lives you know that. A child should and is regarded as a blessing. So, please let’s be glad God has blessed us this early” I assured her and I saw her calm down.
We talked as I let her lean on my shoulders rubbing her hands.
“Am sorry for ruining the aftermath” she whsipered.
“Who cares about eating and dancing when I am already married to the woman after my heart and am going to be a father. Am glad you are okay and am sure a lot of people will understand too.” I smiled
We were still talking when my mother walked in and told me someone was waiting to see me outside.
“Who is that?” Felicia asked holding my hand tight I realised she didn’t want me to leave her side.
“Its Ritah, she walked in a few minutes ago and told me she has something important to tell you.”
“Okay then, let me see..”
“No.” Felicia pulled me back
“Let her come in mom please, I don’t want my husband to leave my side” she made a sad face and I sat back.
“Yeah, she’s right mom, let her come in here. After all what can she say that I won’t tell my wife? ” I shrugged and mom did as I asked.
We waited silently for Ritah to show up and when she did, Felicia sat up.
“Ritah I didn’t see you at the ceremony what happened? The other day you told me you had something to tell me I wonder why you insisted you say it at our wedding ” I asked looking at her.
Felicia pulled my hand
“What? You two met and you didn’t bother to tell me?” She asked looking angry.
“Babe, come on. It’s not like that” I defended myself moving closer to her.
“She called me that she had to tell me …”
“What ?” She cut me before I could finish.
This time Ritah cleared her throat and I could see she was paying particular attention to me avoiding Felicia ‘s eyes.
“Daniels, I wanted to let you know about what happened ….”
“Ritah, forget it he knows already!” Felicia interupted shooting stares at Ritah who seemed somehow determined to tell me whatever it was.
“He knows?” Ritah wondered looking at me like I was to confirm whatever it was the two were talking about.
“Yes he does. The doctor just confirmed am pregnant, forget it our little surprise has been ruined” Felicia cut in abruptly without giving Ritah a chance to say a thing.
“Yeah so we are going to be a family now, my husband is so excited he cannot wait to be a father ” she added leaning on my shoulder as she clung closer to me.
” Oh that! You guys knew all along huh? ” I looked at both of them and noticed Ritah was shaking her head.
“Yes love, I told Ritah and asked her to announce at the wedding but the blackout ruined the surprise, right Ritah?” Felicia continued questioningly.
Ritah figited a little bit though. She seemed agitated.
“Yes” she responded in a whisper and excused herself to leave before I could say a thing.
“See” Felicia smiled when I turned to look at her so that she elaborates what made Ritah seem that way.
“My love, she looks …”
“I know right?” Felicia shrugged cutting my sentence.
“She really wanted to be the one to break the news to you Babe.” She smiled kissing me.
“Are you sure? It seems there is more to her visit, you mean she came all the way to just fulfil that promise of surprising me?” I asked
“If I didn’t know well, I would say you two are making out ,or what? You don’t think that is reason enough for her to come?” She asked this time looking upset.
“Woo woo! Come down will you?” I held her face in my hands.
“Remember the Doctor said no more stressing yourself. Well, let’s forget about that and talk about our baby” I chuckled and saw her smile weakly.
“Sounds good to me” she giggled.
After some minutes she fall asleep, I guessed it was the effect of the medicine she was given. I left her and walked outside, the Doctor had told me to let her spend a night at the hospital for observation and said she was to be discharged the following morning.
I refused to go back home. I decided to stay besides her till she was out.
“Hm. so you going to be a father huh?” I heard a voice behind me startling me as I leaned on the concret wall outside.
“Yeah, hey you still here?” I asked Ritah looking at my wrist watch.
“It’s past 8 pm”
“Yeah, I know” she sighed deeply folding her hands.
“Do you love her?” She asked after a moment of silence.

I smiled before responding “she is my perfect choice, even though she is sometimes so unpredictable and her actions so surprising, I love every bit of her. It just feels so right and am glad and thankful to God he blessed me with this opportunity to make her my wife. Now that our baby is on the way, wow, there is a million reasons to stay by her for life” I smiled proudly and I saw her run her forefinger in her lower eyelids.
“Wow! That’s is so good and touchy I hope she loves you back the way you do. I mean, you guys are perfect together” she shrugged casually.
“Well, my business here is done then, I got to go” she chuckled holding out her hand for me to shake it.
“All the best in your marriage and pray everyday, you will need it” she added walking away.
“Hm. Okay!” I sighed wondering what that was all about. Something seemed off even though i couldn’t put my finger to it.
“She had to wear that dresss hm” I shook head watching her leave with her long black dresss which was so plain and one would wonder what it meant.
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