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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 18

Felicia`s POV
Weeks after, I kept myself busy, working and doing preparations for the wedding. I wanted as much as possible to avoid any more confrontations with Feli, there was no escaping her threats and demands. I would wake up in the middle of the nights sometimes to find the house door open with Feli gone. I however was too scared now to question her movements so I kept to myself.
One day as I walked around the shops with the Matron for my wedding, I saw Chibiye the witchdoctor again, this time I didn’t want to stop him in public like I did before so I gave an excuse of having an emergence to the Matron who agreed and I left her to do the rest of the shopping. I slowly and carefully went after the Witch Doctor keeping a distance as he walked to his car.
Before he could drive out I quickly rushed to him, opened the back door to his car and jumped him startling him. He jumped looking back at me his eyes pooped out.
“Who are you young lady? What are you doing in my…”
“Am the girl whose life you helped destroy you evil man” I snapped before he could finish his sentence.
“I don’t know who you are woman and what you have been following me for. The last time I saw you I wondered what you where ranting about, now that you come on to me like a thief again, I wonder what you are looking for. Do you want me to pray for you? Do you have a problem? Talk to me for I know my God will help you” the man went on pretending he had no idea who I was but I could see through his lies.
“Hm, you are truly an evil man sir, the last time I saw you, you were giving me guidance on how to keep or destroy that demon you placed on me and my friends. Today you act up dressed in the suit and fooling people you are a man of God.” I was shaking my head as I talked.
“Listen to me young woman! I don’t know what this is all about but get out of my car now! I will not have you disgrace me like this, as you can see am heading somewhere and I have some God`s work to do and I cannot waste it on a woman acting crazy” the man sternly spoke his forehead sweating.
“So this how you are acting huh? We came to your house years ago and you gave us charms that developed into snakes with our heads, I for one have been tormented for years with no way out, you have the audacity to deny that here?” I looked into his eyes as I cried out not moving an inch from the car.
“Please tell me what to do with that thing. Am so exhausted and scared too, please I know you can help me, I beg you in the name of God help me. Say you have changed, you still can help me right?” I shook his hand holding it tight. He looked around the area and sighed deeply before responding.
“Am sorry, I cannot help you. You brought that on yourself and so you have to deal with it for the rest of your life” he shrugged pushing my hand away from his.
“Please, you must know something, some charms or whatever I can do to get rid of that thing. “ I went on pleading but he kept shaking his head.
“Sorry, now if you may I need to go” he made a face looking away from me.
“Am not leaving this car till you tell me what to do” I sank back the seat folding my hands.
“Get out of my car or I will shout for everyone to hear and tell them you are a thief trying to mug me” he threatened pointing his finger at me.
“Well, do that and I will tell the whole world that you are a sorcerer who gives people snakes. Let’s see how and who will lose more between us. A man of God my foot!” I spat angrily as I glared my eyes at him.
The man looked at me and I could see his patience was running out. He stared outside for a while and then back at me.
“What do you want from me? Is it money?” he asked
“Money? are you kidding me right now? Remember that thing brings all the money I need as you yourself said it would give me all I needed. Well, I don’t need money sir, I want my life back and if you do not help me. I will make sure all the people at your church know who you really are” I pointed out seriously.
“You have no idea who I am you stupid little thing, no one, I mean no one messes with me” he changed his facial expression showing anger, but I didn’t wince a bit. I was determined to get my answers and I planned on not leaving his car till he gave me what I needed.
After almost half an hour of arguing, he sighed and asked me to get back to him as he would consult his friends for help.
“No” I snapped bluntly.
“Am not leaving till you tell me something tangible. How do I know where to find you? Am not leaving this vehicle forget it? If it’s your friends call them now and ask for the solution. You don’t get it do you? Am leaving under hell and I am yet to marry the man I love. I want all this sorted out before that and this is my only chance” I spoke calmly this time stating every word carefully.
He was silent for a while and then decided to drive the car.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“To get your answers” he carelessly responded.
After driving in circle in a certain shanty compound, he asked I follow him outside to some house he was pointing a finger at. I smiled in my head happy that now I was going to get my solution.
“Let me remove this jacket I feel hot” he signaled turning back to the car as I waited outside.
I was staring around when I heard the car engine reviving and by the time I realized what was happening, he drove away at a great speed leaving me mouth open in the middle of the road.
“That bastard! “ I snarled angrily.
“Oh God, what now?” I asked myself, feeling desperate. Luckily I had carried some money so I walked to bus station a few meters from where I was damped and got onto the bus to town.
At home I had to face Feli who kept teasing me of my desperate acts.
“There is no way out for you fey, whatever you do will lead to a dead end. Go on and get married. I cannot wait till then” she teased with a laugh. She was still talking when I heard a soft knock on my door. Quickly I pushed her into the closet and walked out shutting the door close.
“Coming!” I shouted the second time the knock came.
Daniels stood by the door smiling at me. He looked happy and I wondered why.
“My love, I have just received a call from my parents from Kafue, they are coming a week before the wedding and guess who my mother met?” he smiled at me.
“Okey? Whoever it is has got you excited and I cannot guess who, so will you say it already” I smiled back as we walked inside the living room.
“He stopped me and held me by the waist his mouth still curved in a smile.
“Ritah” he announced proudly making me draw up sharply like he was telling me someone important had died.
“What? Who?” “I asked panicking hoping he would tell me something different.
“Babe I said Ritah” he made a face wondering why I seemed shocked and rather disappointed and not happy.
“Oh yeah I heard you right then” I sighed sitting back in the couch.
“Is there a problem Felicia? I thought you would be happy since you said you will call her for the wedding, in fact I thought you already did”
“Yeah sure am happy love, am not just so sure she wants to come though. The last time I spoke to her she seemed not so interested and the thing is the matron has replaced her already” I stammered as I tried to hide the truth.
“It doesn’t matter my love, she can just come and be there for you. You were complaining of your old friends not being at our wedding. I want this day to be special and if not cerebrated with our friends then it wouldn’t be as exciting now will it?” he shrugged casually.
“No it wouldn’t be. So what did she say to your parents?” I asked coughing as I asked
“Nothing much, mom told me she seemed surprised about the wedding but she agreed to travel. “ Daniels answered.
“Hm. She surely will” I nodded my head my hands sweating.
A week later, it was a day before the wedding and I had not been myself with thoughts of Ritah coming for the wedding, how to trace the Witch Doctor faking to be a pastor. I kept hoping Ritah would not show up. I wished I had a way of communicating with her and tell her not to come or threaten her whatever I could do to keep her from coming. Unfortunately I had no way of doing it as I didn’t have her line.
“Am going to Kafue” I told Feli that afternoon after the final preparations for the wedding were done. I have to stop her from coming”
“Hm. You are too late Felicia, that friend of yours is here already, she is in Lusaka” she added calmly
I looked at her and shook my head.
“So what now?” I asked knowing she already had something to say or planned.
“So what? So nothing Felicia. Let her come to the wedding. Am going there too” she smiled widely
“What? No” I snapped standing up.
“Why do you want to go for the wedding? “ I asked irritated.
“Well, I cannot tell you but I need to be there or there will be drastic consequences” she warned sternly.
“You know what? Do whatever you want. If I were you I would not think of going near a church” I shrugged to scare her away but she wagged her tail shaking her head.
“Am not as weak as you think I am” she smiled and this time I didn’t want to argue, I had to find a way of leaving the house without her and I had to think fast. I felt I had come a long way to have her expose me on my wedding day.
“Yeah sure” I sighed settling down as I took my hot cup of coffee. I had a few hours before I was to wake up and go to the matrons to prepare as I had refused to sleep over her place as per Felis order.
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