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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 17

Felicia`s POV
I watched from a distance shocked, as the man I knew to be the witchdoctor talked with the lady. Just as I tried to go ahead and confront him to find out why he was playing pastor or find out what was really going on, I saw him turn to walk away ignoring my hand which was raised to stop him. My instincts told me to follow him and as I slowly went after him my phone beeped. It was Daniels and I had to pick the call, losing my focus on him for a second.
“Yes love” I responded and when I looked up to see the man, he had disappeared. I tried tracing him with my eyes around the area but he was nowhere to be seen.
“Hello, my love, are you there?” I heard Daniel ask on the phone which I held still to my ears.
“Am here love” I sighed deeply paying attention.
“Are you okey? I am asking exactly where you are am in town right now”
“Am okey my love I just got distracted by something?” I replied before telling him where I was standing.
I kept thinking about the witch Doctor as we drove to some easting place. “What has this world turned into?” I shook my head and whispered inside my head. Daniel noticed me shaking my head and he cleared his throat.
“Now what is going on with you? I have noticed you have not been yourself since I picked you. Care to share what this is all about? I am here so that we can cerebrate your job offer and yet you look like you going for a funeral” he complained without turning to look at me.
“Am sorry love, it’s just that Pamela text me to say she won’t be coming for our wedding, she travelled out and is not sure when she will return” I choked as I lied to him.
“Oh sad, I get it, you really wanted her to be there. Am sorry babe, but its okey, am sure she had her reasons and we cannot question her actions. Don’t worry, why not call Ritah to come be your bridesmaid instead?” he held my hand with his left as the other hand controlled the steering.
“Ritah? Well, I never thought of her before” I remarked pretending again, I could never get to tell him that Ritah had vowed never to speak to me again. In fact she told Pamela that the day she will meet me anywhere she will shout to the world I was a witch who killed her brother.
“Yeah do that, now can you chill up and tell me about that Job?” he smiled at me.
I smiled back but my smile went as far as the corner of my lips. I had too much on my mind and at that moment, all I needed was to go somewhere where I could just lay flat and take a break. I watched Daniels as he talked and smiled all through our lunch.
He just had a haircut and his clean face shave made him look 2 years younger, I took time watching his every gesture, watching his Adam’s apple go up and down as he swallowed the food. He was a great looking guy and I loved every detail and corner of his body, the slim fit shirt he had on made him look so furnished and executive I felt proud being around him. We looked perfect together and I held on to the moment, wanting to stay there with him forever and forget the troubles of my life.
“If only you knew who I truly am” I whispered to myself smiling at him when he turned his eyes to look at me.
“You are so handsome and great too” I uttered finally to make him stop wondering why I was staring at him like I had seen him for the first time.
“And you Mrs. Me to be, are a Queen, you look perfect in that outfit am even jealousy of those people you going to work for” he teased laughing.
“Jealousy? You are nuts? You are the one having all those small tiny ladies checking you out at your company” I responded chuckling.
“Well, none of them could match up to my perfect fiancé” he remarked proudly kissing the back of my hand in a gentle way making me blush as some people looked our direction.
I tried that afternoon to stay calm around him and as always he made everything seem easy.
Back at home, feli was steaming with anger, she hissed at me the moment I opened the door and instead of flinching in fear like I always deed, I acted tough and by passed her heading to my room.
“Stop acting like that Felicia or ….”
“Or what? I snapped standing up from the couch I sat on.
“You know what? Am not going to fear you as well, you have succeeded in making my life miserable since you came from God knows where but I have had enough of this, am not going to bow and worship you, you are not my master Feli, you are just a pathetic demon from hell !“ I screamed
It didn’t respond this time, I just felt the heat raising from my legs coming upwards.
“What are you doing to me? “ I looked down my feet feeling the burning sensation increasing every second. Yet again she was silent and went on doing whatever it was with her eyes punishing me.
“Stop it now1” I cried out falling down the floor as the pain increased.
“you and me are one, you made a choice to have me Felicia, however, I am your master and controller of everything about you, you are mine forever!” she spoke in a hissing cold voice I felt my hair rise up in my head as her voice caught my ears.
“From today onwards, I will tell you what to do and you will say and act according to my demands.” She added
“Kill me you demon! Kill me now am ready to go, I will not succumb to his hell anymore!” I shouted crying loudly, the pain in my legs was now approaching my waist.
“Hm. You think you are going to heaven huh?” she hissed the more.
“Heaven or hell get over it you snake!” I yelled and for the first time in my life I was being truthful and honesty to myself. I wanted it all to end. But I saw her slid to the couch relaxing its red shinning eyes.
“If you die here, he is also dying” she smiled
“What are you talking about?” I panted as I tried to contain the pain in my body.
“Yes, you made him a part of you by having sex with him, soul ties remember?” she giggled.
“Yeah, so now I can have him the way I want, right now, every pain in your body coming from me, he is feeling it too”
“No. you cannot do that, you said it yourself you cannot touch him” I panicked as my whole body was heating up.
“Call him and find out what he is going through now” she challenged me and I painfully crawled to my phone calling Daniels.
“My love, am in pain, thank God you have called” Daniels responded immediately.
“What is going on Daniels?” I asked trying to hide my own pain.
“I feel like my body is on fire, there is a lot of pain from my legs up to my waist” he winced painfully. The way he described the pain was exactly how I was feeling. I could not say anymore, I cut the line immediately looking at the smiling face of Feli.
“Now, do you chose to die over doing as I say?” she asked me
“You cannot do this to me. He is innocent leave him out of this please” I begged crying like a child.
“yes I can, I am not that Merciful God who forgives even those who betray him, I am the demon you created and you will do as I say” she hissed her voice changing into a hoarse one.
I felt weak and powerless, there was no way I was going to let it kill my Daniels, I might have not told him the truth but the last thing I was going to do is to have him killed because of my stupidity. Sighing painfully I knelt before her begging for her to spare the life of Daniels and in exchange I was to obey it.
“First things first” she wagged her tail.
“I want you to get married to that man as planned”
“Then what?” I asked this time looking straight at her, at least her sight was bearable when she turned her eyes to normal.
“Then, you will know what follows afterwards” she added and coiled back to the closet in the spare bedroom leaving me panting in unbearable pain before it stopped instantly. I gained my strength and called Daniels who told me he miraculously got better and was able to stand again.
“This is a miracle my love, I just called my cousin to help me to the hospital and all of a sudden I feel okey” I heard him speak and I sighed in relief.
“That is good my love, I was almost rushing to take you to the hospital, thank God you feel okey. I will come through to see how you are and maybe a checkup with the doctor might help too” I responded holding my head.
I placed the phone down I looked up the roof and let the tears flow down my face, I felt I had signed a death sentence only this time I was not going to die physically. There was a great wave of bad air around me and it scared me to the core. I felt trapped and defeated. I was living in darkness and my hope of seeing the light where close to zero.
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