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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 16

episode 16
Felicia’s POV
Watching as the gate opened, I begun feeling so nervous and scared. I was trying so hard to push down the voice of my reborn self trying to scream for me to head back home .
A tall and slander man walked out fully dressed , one would think he was from some formal meeting. I looked up at his tall figure trying to figure out how he really looked like as the darkness did not help me. It blurred his image.
” you can come in girls” I heard him speak after a couple of seconds of silence. For some reason I didn’t want to be there all of a sudden, but something was pulling me to go.
In my mind i thought it was the power of God but my heart was not at peace.
That feeling you are not in the right place and that something was terribly wrong yet you have no idea what it really was.
I looked around the yard and watched carefully every detail of the surroundings as we were ushered inside. Pamela kept holding my hand, like she read my intentions to flee from the place.
” I don’t know if this is the right place Pamela” I whispered to her honestly.
” come on Fey, you are just scared” she whispered back and pulled me in as we walked in the room I asumed was used for prayers looking at the arrangement of the furniture and a small table with a bible and more books piled up.
” I am Pastor Ngoma, please feel at home, all is well” he announced looking at us.
” so what brings you girls to my house this night? I was just from conducting a night fellowship the time you called, so I decided to stay up and wait for you” he smiled widely
Pamela cleared her throat and thanked the man for seeing us that late. She introduced me and when the so called man of God touched my hand to greet me, I felt some familiar surge of power in his hands.
I am certain he felt it too as he looked up my eyes and stared longer than usual his hand still holding on to mine.
Then, it dawned on me, the man was not a genuine one. He either had his reborn self too or something similar.
I cleared my throat to let him come to the moment and he startled drawing back.
” well, interesting ” he raised his eye blows.
” Go on, tell me why you are here” he added without looking away from me.
I too looked at him without a blink and Pamela noticed it. I felt her pat my shoulder.
” he is not for God” I heard myself speak and inside realised I was being controlled by Feli. She had been observing everything and it explained why the screaming for me to go back had stopped immediately I set my eyes on the Pastor.
” what ?” Pamela looked at me surprised at what I was uttering.
” you said he helped you to get free?” I asked Pamela not turning my eyes away from the man.
” Fey are you okey? You’re acting weired” she responded instead.
” Pastor you see that, that is not her, just see how she is behaving please help her” Pamela panicked thinking inwas manifesting.
” am myself you idiot ! I cannot manifest anything here because this man you call a pastor is fake. He is using the name of God in vain. The powers he uses is dark and no wonder you have not been able to get rid of your fear. He blinded you to think you were set free yet you are not.” I turned this time to look at Pamela as I told her the truth.
The pastor started chanting fake tongues seeing I was exposing him.
” shut up Felicia, you are under the influence of that thing at home. Let him help you” Pamela insisted holding me down.
Instead of defending himself the man started binding me, raising his bible at me and calling me a demon from the dark sea.
” God will punish you fake man of God!” I stood closer to him slapping him hard across the face.
He looked at Pamela discouraged now that she was noticing his strange behaviour.
” what are you? ” she asked the man and he looked down the floor stopping his stattering.
” He is an imposter, he has no power whatever, I can feel his dark side and that is what he has been using all along. Let’s get out of here” I told Pamela pulling her up.
” take here out of here! She has a lot of demons and needs strong and powerful prayers to be set free.” The man yelled raising his hands to push us out.
I shook my head in disbelief, the man was totally shamless and Pamela notice him too. She didn’t argue but followed me outside.
“Felicia? ” Pamela pulled me back as soon as we got out the gate.
” what just happened in there?” She asked I could tell she was more scared than before.
” what happened is that your pastor is not a man of God. I could sense him and I know there is no element of God is his actions. It’s either he has a lilomba too or something similar I can’t of really tell but one thing is for sure, he is dark and he too sensed it on me. Evil cannot cast out evil my dear. He lied to you about your deliverance. That is why Feli can easily trace you” I explained holding her hand to help her calm.
“Oh God, but how does he manage to fool all those people? He really gave me hope that i was free, how…” she went on asking me one question after the other.
” come on now, that is the least of your problems now, Feli is probably pissed right now and I have no idea what she will do next. ”
I held my head feeling some excruciating pain there was no mistakening where it was coming from. Feli was definately purnishing me for wanting to betray her. Now I had more reasons to be afraid of her.
Pamela could not move an inch from the ground she now sat on. Sobbing and panting loudly like a child.
I was not in the place to let her in harms way. She evidently had her great deal of suffering and I was not going to let her take a fall especially that i somehow contributed to her pain.
” come on now, we have to go” I held her hand up.
” but where to Fey? How am I going to survive what comes next knowing the only person i trusted could help us is dark too.?” She complained as I dragged her on to the road side.
” come, I have a plan” I whispered like someone was going to hear us meanwhile it was only the two of us on the dark road. We could see the lights from the few cars driving through the main road ahead of us.
I successfully got home the following morning and found Feli sharply seated waiting for me. I could feel her anger but I tried to stay brave.
” where is she?” She asked upon seeing me.
” she is gone and you will never find her” I spoke calmly keeping a distance from her.
” hm. I know you are not that stupid to disobey me, are you?” She gnarled.
I was afraid but I didn’t want to show it to her face so I went in my bedroom and sat in the bed sighing before responding.
” I have done all you wanted, I dress in warm clothes almost all the time, I give you whatever you ask for but this time around I won’t and am sorry. I will not allow you to harm the people i love” i shook my head
” the people you love huh? ” she spat teasing.
” no one loves you Fey, you are dark, yes ” she paused wagging her tail as she spoke.
” no one does love you for you except me. Admit it already, the reason you will not tell them even that Daniels about me is because you know upon knowing who you trully are then they will all flee from you. No one in this world wants to accept what they perceive as evil even though people live in ways that are evil too. ” she marveled.
I felt the impact of her words. She was trying to get me to admit what was around me and inflict me with guilty and shame and she succeeded.
I looked at her, tears in my eyes. She was staring at me with satisfaction she got me where she wanted.
” I will find her myself, remember this entire year I have not had my fresh meat and who else could be my special meal apart from that betrayer” she chuckled.
I could not respond to her. Instead I went to take a bath and prepared for the job interview that I decided to take. I had to start working or people would start wondering how I got my money. Their lie of my uncle helping me would soon wear out.
Taking one last look in the mirror, I walked out the house locking all the Windows and doors before I could leave to ensure the reborn self remained inside.
A text reached my phone just as I was about to get a bus to the company i was going to.
” we arrived safely. Thank you for saving my life and hope to see you some time in the future. You will always be in my heart. I know this is the last time we are ever communicating and I pray and hope you find yourself again. Be strong my friend and take my advise. Pamela”
I sniffedd in the tears that were threatening to spill. And closed back the phone.
” Farewell old friend.” I looked up the sky to push down my tears.
” excuse me madam, are you going to town?” A bus conducter asked me taking me off my sad moment.
” yes sure” I sighed following him as he lead me to a Rosa minibus.
Sinking back in the back seat of the bus I could not help sob for a coupe of mintues. I held my hank to my face and let the tears flow out hoping I would feel better.
I didn’t have to go for the interviews, all I did was walk in the office of the boss and look at him. I knew Feli was controling my actions and as soon as the man looked at me, he smiled and told me to hand in my papers.
” we are pleased to have you in our company Felicia ” the man smiled.
” I can call you Felicia right? ” he asked looking at my papers in his hands.
” sure sir” I nodded my head and he smiled further I wondered if I had that much influence on him or he was just being a fool to not realise I was dead serious and had not smiled since I stepped into his office. I had almost throught of letting the interview thing go. But now I knew I had to somehow go ahead with my plan to start work.
” Will meet you later to discuss the conditions of service. Come by next Monday ” he added and I for the first time faked a smile at him.
” Thank you Sir, looking forward to working with you” I remarked and held my bag before leaving. I could feel his eyes on my back, probably staring at my long perfectly fitting charcoal gray skirt and a small long sleeved jacket that matched well with my red heels.
“Congulatulations my love!” Daniel spoke excited when I called him about the job.
” am so happy for you love, can we meet up for lunch and celebrate this?” He shouted.
“That would be great my love. Am getting a cab then” I responded.
” no no, let me come pick you up love” he cut me .
I stood by the road waiting for Daniel to come pick me and i saw a man walk by. My heart raced when I realised who he was. ” him?” I asked myself walking to follow him.
” excuse me Sir” I patted his hand and he swiftly turned to look at me. He was dressed in a nice suite, an average priced I could gues.
” who are you?” The man asked looking at me.
” hm. So you easily forget your clients huh?” I remarked with a false smile.
” well, I could never forget you cause you gave me something to remember you by. A snake with my head..” I nodded my head facing him.
Before he could answer, I saw a woman with two teenage girls rushing towards us.
” Pastor Chibiye! We have been calling you” the woman smiled as they apprached.
I looked at the good looking woman and back at the man before me.
” Pastor?” I asked shocked
” wha…”
I couldn’t finsh asking my question and the woman with her girls reached us.
“Am so glad to meet you pastor I have been meaning to call you about that church meeting this evening, my family and I would like to come join you but I am not so sure of the venue” the woman went on and I stepped back even more surprised.
” Pastor?” I asked in a whisper drawing back my hands shaking.
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