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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 14

episode 14
Felicia’s POV
I woke up to look up at Daniels’ face. I had felt him move slightly. He let me lay on him after our first intimate encounter.
He told me about his assumed dream. That got me worried, knowing Feli got that close to Daniel got me so worried, I sat up.
” you were probably deaming” I tried to assure him and was glad he took it casually.
” well, my love, you have to go home now. It’s getting late”
Daniel looked at me somehow surprised I was trying to get rid of him so soon.
“I never spent a night here to avoid what has just happened, now I am not afraid anymore. I have made you mine and I can spend all the time I want here” he smiled teasing my lips with his finger.
I didn’t want him to spend a night at my place, knowing Feli was on the loose and trying to get closer to him was quiet dangerous.
“I need you here too my love, but tonight is not a good time. The thing is, I called my brother to come over today and he told me he will be here after school, am betting he is on his way right now. ” I made a pleading face.
” oh,love I understand that. I will miss you though” he frowned sadly.
” I will miss you too Love, I promise to make it up to you especially after the wedding”
He kissed me before standing to put his clothes back on as I watched in silence. In the corner of my eye I saw Feli through the small opening she had left from the door. I wondered how she it managed to get out, as far as I was concerned I had closed the door shut. She looked at me and I shook my head trying to get her to get back inside.
” come here!” Daniel ordered me, extending his hands to lift me up. I shook the thoughts of Feli and looked him.
Smiling, I held on to him and allowed him to wrap me around himself, gently squizing me .
” I don’t want this to end My love, I really cannot wait for our wedding night” he whispered in my ears.
” like we have agreed please no more surprise secrets. We are starting all over and so we ought to come up clean this very time before we say i do” he added this time, holding me a step away from his body and looking at me.
” yeah, sorry for not telling you” I nodded and he smiled.
” well, let me get going before I change my mind.”
I saw him to the door and watched him get in the car, a company vehicle for the firm he was working for.
The moment I turned back, I saw Feli staring at me accusingly.
” what on earth do you think you are doing sneaking around When Daniel is around?” I saw her changing her facial expression to that of anger.
” I had to see him close , after all he is part of us now, I still can smell him all over your body” she responded slowly moving away and stopping on the carpet in the sitting room.
” please, I bet you, don’t ever do that again. I almost lost him today because of that Pamela, I will not lose him. No, I won’t do that, that man is my life and I will never let him go” I stated factly.
” he is your life? Are you joking right now? I am your life Felicia,” she winced Angrilly.
” me, not him or anyonee else. You are lucky I for some reason can’t figure out what is covering him.”
” it’s the blood of Jesus” I cut in and before I knew it, she wagged her tail hitting me in my hand I felt sharp pains run down my whole arm.
” what the hell!” I yelled hurt,
” you are a demon Feli, yes, that’s what you are and…. ” I could not finish my words and she hissed like a real snake this time.
Moving about her eyes shining I felt fear grip my throat.
” say that name again in my present and you will be gone for good. !” She sorned loudly making me flinch as her tail continues wagging about.
Realising I was in trouble, i sank down trembling with fear holding my loose t shirt close to my body being the only cloth I had on. ” I am a part of you , as much as you are of me, so you won’t kill me” I whispered in my shaky voice.
” oh, you have no idea till now who I am do you!” She spat without changing the colour of her angry eyes to normal. It was Like there was fire in them and I was afraid to set my eyes direct at her.
” well, the thing is that, when I die you too die, but I can kill you and live on. That is who I am and you will respect me. Ever call that name in my presence or allow anyone to do that, you will get the worst of me” she added and moved back to the bedroom leaving me panting with fear.
” Go on and bring your friend to me, Pamela has betrayed you and she needs to pay” I heard her shout from the other room.
In all honesty I had not even thought of doing anything to Pamela. She was my friend and I knew she just wanted to help Daniels.
” She didn’t say anything Feli, she is innocent and besides, this whole thing is over there is no need to make a big deal out of it. ” I answered trying to protect my friend.
” she will betray you again. I saw her try to take you to that Pastor, I will not allow her to find a way of destroying me, so I will take her down before she does that” she added.
I continuously shook my head. I was not ready to give up my friend for that simple mistake.
Now with Feli angry, I knew I had no way of arguing that out.
Silently I pulled on my clothes and grabbed my bag ready to go and see Pamela.
” she stays in Emmasdale, you will not miss her house it’s along the road” she stopped me before I could call Pamela to let her know I was going there giving me her address like she had been there before.
” I have to call her still and make her know am going” I sighed holding my phone.
” No, don’t call her. I know she is home. Scared of what will happen to her after what she has done. She has no idea that fear is the loop hole the devil uses to enter people’s minds, she was not ready and now she has sold herself.
Stupid Christians” Feli giggled.
I was speechless, placing my phone in the small hand bag I had carried I walked out of the house.
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The time I got to Pamela”s place, it was a few minutes past 20 Pm.
” is Pamela around?” I asked the young sister who opened the door for me when I knocked.
She could not respond yet and Pamela walked out pulling wide open the door to look at me.
” Hey Pamela!” I faked a smile.
” Felicia!” She let a small scream breathing heavily
” yes, I need to talk to you” I went on without wasting any more time.
” Go inside! ” she indicated to the young sister and I watched as the girl walked back inside.
” what are you doing here?” She asked closing the door behind her as though sacred I will enter her house.
” I am so glad you know am not here for a courtesy visit Pamela. What the hell were you thinking, telling Daniels about me. Why on earth did you backstab me?” I asked seriously holding my waist looking up at her face.
” I .. umm, someone needed to open his eyes Felicia. This is not fair, you cannot put him through this. Not him or any other man for that matter”
” woo woo, so, let me get this right, even though i left or say Dee left me and I found another man, you will come running telling them my past huh? ” I shook my head.
” it’s not like that.. am sorry I …”
” yeah you ought to be sorry to yourself for thinking you can control my life. I warned you to stay away from Dee but you played deaf. Now you have messed up big time.” My eyes were tearly as I spoke, I avoided the outside light from shining in my face giving my back to were the light was coming from. I felt bad for her. She looked so scared and I could not help feel sad for the beast she was seeing in me that moment.
” does he know the entire truth now? I am guessing you lied to him again if not, you could have not been here scolding and threatening me right now” she slid down sitting on the small space between the closed door and the floor protruding.
” yeah of course i had to lie again thanks to you. I never meant for this to happen Pamela and I deserve a little bit of some break. Daniels is the only person that gives me that sense of being alive. He loves me for me and I will do anything to protect my love for him”
Pamela looked up my face.
” you are a good person Felicia, please dont do this, you can have a free life, free from all this evil. Tell him the truth and help save yourself too. I can barely recognise you my friend, I know in my heart that Felicia I knew years back is somewhere in there. My friend is not gone for good and it’s that Felicia that am begging right now to spare my life and save Daniel from all this too. He is a good man and he deserves better. He has some relatives looking up to him and a whole life to live. Don’t let whhat happened to Bright happen to him too please” she outlined this time making me cry as she spoke.
I felt the heat of her words piercing my heart. Everything she had mentioned was the truth that I always pushed inside.
” don’t be selfish Felicia, it’s not always about you. You told me you regret what happened but you giving in to the demands of that… I don’t know what it is” she paused
” please come back Felicia, come back my friend and …”
” shut up!” I cut in yelling.
” just, shut up ! Pamela. Stop talking already” I cried this time sitting down next to her.
” I don’t want to hear it anymore Pamela, stop tormenting me. I beg you in the name of God, let me have this piece of happiness, Dee is all I have please…” I looked at her holding her hand.
“I love him and I will not survive of he leaves me”
” if you love him you will tell him the truth.” She looked at me seriously.
” yes” she nodded her head seeing I was quiet looking at her.
” You have to Fey, it’s not too late you know, cancell the wedding you can go for deliverance ” she whispered
” I can’t, I can’t do that Pamela, she knows everything I do, she is probably watching me right now, she will kill me if I see anyone for prayers. I am so scared Pamela scared for you too” I whispered back my whole face wet my nose running I kept sniffing in.
” what do you mean scared for me too?” She asked me letting go of my hand.
” I came here because she asked me to. She wants…”
” what? You are here to kill me?” Pamela asked further
” I don’t know dear, she just ordered me to come and get you. I have no idea what for, all I know is that she is pissed right now. ”
We both went quiet for some minutes, none of us was ready to speak out our fear.
I didn’t want to harm Pamela, the thoughts and image of Feli angry made me vulnerable and desperate I couldn’t stop shadding tears.
” I will not say anything to anyone Felicia please help me” Pamela broke the silence.
” you are not thinking of taking me right?” She shook my shoulders seeing I was not moving.
” I have no choice, I told you I don’t really know what that thing is, it knows where you live, so if I say i defy the order, I have no idea what it will do next” I told her as a matter of fact.
” how does she know this place” she shivered…
I looked looked at her and away..
” How do you think I knew where you are? You have never given me your address, so.” I shrugged.
” Oh my God! Help me ! ” she whispered sitting back and crying, I could almost see her shake.
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