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Reborn In Darkness – Season 1 Episode 13

episode 13
Daniels POV
I could not help feel sad about it. Even though i knew I had my mind made up to marry the woman before me, the guilty face she had on made me wonder why she had to hide such a big thing from me.
” are you going to continue figiting there or you will tell me what happened?” I asked her again seeing her cling to the couch with no intention of moving.
” um… who told you? ” she asked instead looking up at my face.
” I received a call this afternoon from Pamela…”
I could not finish explaining it before she stood up abruptly.
” she is so pathetic and nosy to run to you with such a thing. Why didn’t she ask me or better still mind her d–n business” I paced around holding my head.
” oh so thats it huh? You want to play d–n with me. It doesn’t matter if she is the one to tell me. what matters is that you guys had the guts to go fetch witch doctors. You were only kids for God’s sake. Do you know some of the consequences of what you did? you guys are lucky you got out alive. Some people and up and, or even becoming witches over such things the worst cases, people just die. ” I spoke without giving her chance to say anything.
” but love, you have to understand I didn’t intend to harm anyone. I was…”
” just what? After money?” I yelled back at her now closing in.
” I don’t believe this, you damped me years ago because you wanted loaded men. There I was thinking you had fallen in love with another guy. Just to be told you were out with some old hugs.” I spat angrily.
For some reason I saw her face relax. It was Like she was not so bothered about that fact. My first perception was that she had expected something worse or more than that.
She looked at me again and this time she heavily breathed out and went back to sit.
” oh my love, you got me worked out” she sighed the more. I thought… forget it” she looked at me.
” forget what? I got you worked out? Do you what the hell that means to me. You could have got yourself or even me in trouble with dark magic. How do I know maybe you even charmed me.” I asked feeling impatient with her.
” I know I was wrong my love, you have no idea how much I have regretted ever doing that. But for you to think I had to use charms on you is so hurting. I accidentally met you here, and that happned years ago, how could you say you are under my spell?” She cried
” Am sorry love i didn’t mean that literally. Just that this whole thing has got me on the edge. You should have seen Pamela shaking as she told me. Now am understanding why you are no longer friends. She told me it was your idea. ”
” i know it sounds bad. Pamela had no right to tell you this though she has always liked you and now her jealousy is leading her to tell you things that I try to burry in my past. Am not proud of my past actions but the present truth is that am in love with you and that has nothing to do with charms. You have to believe me. I learnt my lesson and you yourself have seen how I have committed to going to church and to love you. I was afraid to tell you my love. I swear I tried to tell you several times but I failed. Forgive me for not telling truth of what happned in the past” she pleaded holding my hand.
” forgive me Dee, I will never do anything deliberately to harm you. I wouldnt live with myslef if anything happned to you believe me. My past life is over and I want to assure you am more than wiling to live with you. A new start and happy future is what we will have together” she passionately looked at me.
I scolded her for doing what she did and failing to tell me the truth.
My mind recalled Pamela’s words when she told me about the witch doctor.
” what is going on?” I had asked her and she sat back i could see her hands almost shaking.
” just tell me Pamela, you called me out here for a reason there is no need to get silent now that we both have wasted our time to meet. ” I pushed her further.
” am sorry to be the one telling you this” she started looking at me her lips trembling visibly now.
” it’s about Fey” she went on when I nodded to indicate for her to go on.
” okay, what about her?”
” Dee, Am um .. I wnated to warn you to be careful with her. She is not the innocent person you think she is. ” she announced and I looked at her with curiosity .
” go on” I sighed not wanting to interrupt what she was saying.
Pamela gained some courage a bit and when she said it. I thought she was joking.
” back in high school,Fey got a number for a witch doctor from Facebook. She told us to go with her to the witch doctor to get charms to attract rich men” she spoke with some hesitation.
” what? ” i asked shocked at the revelation.
” yeah am sorry but she did and we all went to meet the man in Kafue. The outcome was not so good though, we had….” she paused shedding tears.
” you had what?” I asked this time with a sharp voice.
” am sorry I can’t tell you the rest. Just go and ask her. If she loves you and cares about your future she will not lie to you any longer. She will tell you about it all. ” Pamela added and stood up leaving me puzzled.
Now I knew the truth, Fey was so apologetic as she told me her own version of the story and I was glad she had got over that evil deeds of sleeping around with rich men. She told me that was why she seemed sad the time we met because she felt guitly about her past.
” did your mother know?” I asked her and she nodded in agreement.
” ofcourse now i get it. No wonder you blamed yourself for her death cause she knew the truth and that affected her blood pressure.”
” yes love. Am so sorry. It never even worked though, that act just messed up my life and I do nothing but regret all the time. If there was a chance I could change my past and re-live it better. I feel am imprisoned on my own world. It’s hard, so hard my love to do anything without having the dark past haunt my conscious. ” she cried her tears ran down her face like water.
I could see how much that affected her and somehow I felt responsible for bringing up what she seemed to want to forget for a long time.
I held her as she sobbed, she clung her warm body to me. Asking for my forgiveness all way through her cries.
” it’s okey my love, I know you regret it and am just glad this came up before our wedding. I cannot bare to have any more secrets between us. Now the past or present we need to have a clean slate as we take our vowels for better or worse. ” I rubbed her warm back as i spoke.
” come here” I pulled her hand to the other part of the set of sofas and she wiped her tears following me.
I sat down and made her sit on my laps facing me. I saw her relax a little bit and leaned her head on my shoulders.
” I love you Dee, I swear to God you are the man that has taught me the good that is in me and I would never do anything to hurt you.” She whispers her warm breath touching my neck skin I could not resist her.
Holding her back, I planted a gentle kids on her lips smiling
” I love you more beautiful, it’s okey, together we will over come and help you forget the guiltness about your mom. ” I smiled patting her hair which she had in a knot upwards.
She smiled at me too her hands playing with my chest I was failing to control my man.
” what are you doing? ” I asked her.
” you are going to be my husband after a month, must you continuee keeping yourself for me? If you love me, make me your first so that in case anything happens between us. I will have that special place in your life” she whispered I could see she was serious.
” but Fey we am not going anywahere. Why are you saying like you expect something to break us apart” I asked
” with jealousy people like Pamela out there, we might never know what they will bring up next ” she spoke giggling.
” or what? Don’t tell me you will not make love to me, that you are keeping yourself for marriage . What’s the point if the one you want to be with is me? ” she shrugged unbuttoning my shirt.
She was right, may be I had over kept myself. I was 27 and there was no way I was going to let haer down. My heart told me I had to do what I knew was right, wait. But hmm, it was so hard with her kissing me and rubbing me gently.
” what is it? Scared?” She teased looking at me her hands wrapped around my neck.
” no, I have never made love before but I have been this close to a woman and I know what to do.” I defended myself seeing her questioning my hesitation.
” no big deal then, you know am not a virgin right?” She let a laugh.
” yeah, come here!” I moved her closer letting go of my other thoughts of not doing it.
She definitely knew what she was doing, she made me reach heights I never had reached before.
I knew she was mine, seeing her lean her head on me as we took our breath in that couch made me smile. I wouldn’t deny she had me hocked up. I felt belonging and now that we two were connected, I felt inclined to make her my wife.
” how was it Mr Virgin?” She asked with a teasing laugh.
” well, the best sex ever!” I raised my hands as a matter of fact and she laughed even more.
” hmm. How do you know when it was your first time?”
” it’s easy, I did it with the woman I love and she is so d–n good. I don’t know if there is a better woman out there but as for me I have found my missing rib and there is no going back. You are mine till death do us part” I whispered the more making her smile.
” you always say the sweetest things to me, you know what?”
” what?”
” sometimes I lose myself, there was a time I felt like kiiling myself and end it all. I wanted to end my pain, my shame and guilty. I never saw myself getting through college. But then you came, you showed that it was possible to start over. I know my name has been tinted, people especially from our home town call me all sorts of things for my past actions but you never judged me, you accepted and loved me for who I am and now I agree I was a fool to let you go. I wasted a good number of years away from all this love. Thank you for coming back into my life and being my hope” she outlined seriously meaning each word I could see her sincerity in her eyes.
” am here my love and am not going anywhere” I assured her and like that was what she wanted to hear, She smiled thanking me and lay down the couch placing her head on my laps without caring to put her clothes back on.
I too left my trousers where it was stuck down my legs and my shirt somewhere around the room I didn’t know exactly where we threw it.
I kept playing my fingers around her smooth delicate body. She felt so soft and gender in my palms, her skin so perfect.
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We both were silent and when I peeped to see her face I found she had dozed off.
Without wasting any more time, I allowed myself to sleep leaning my head back.
I felt something cold touch my side of the face, I wiped the part in my sleep like I was dreaming. It came again but this time I felt it so real like someone or something was whispering.
I woke up quickly opening my eyes and saw Felicia’s face. The funny thing is I saw her face looking from above my head, yet i could feel my hands still holding her from my laps.
” what is..?” I almost asked but the face disappeared.
” What is wrong love? “Felicia woke up too looking at me.
” I..I, oh God I must have been dreaming” I chuckled.
” I was sleeping and felt something cold touch my face, I opened my eyes and for a second I thought I was seeing your face looking at me from above my head” I explained to her and she sat up quickly.
” that was probably because you were dreaming about me” she sighed with a smile.
” yeah, ofcourse, what else could it be?” I shrugged feeling stupid. Unconsciously I looked behind the couch and smiled inside myself.
” come on Man, what are you thinking? ” i scolded my self.
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