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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 9

Mazi Uche: if you think you are wise then you are a fool because the one whose both eyes are open is wiser. Oliseh, lets see.

Mazi Uche walked to his friend’s house. Their they were waiting for him.

Mazi Uwa: why do you take long?

Mazi Uche: the useless boy named Idris was trying to play wise with me.

Mazi Okoro: but you brought the picture with you right?

Mazi Uche: oh yes the picture is here with me.

Mazi Uwa: then let us start the ritual asap.

Mazi Uwa and his two friends changed their cloths and wore red wrappers. Then the two men entered inside the shrine each with his ofor.

Mazi Uwa was in their middle. At his right was Mazi uche and his left was Mazi okoro.

After saying all the incantations, he turned to mazi Uche.

Mazi Uwa: hand the padlock and picture over to me.

Mazi Uche did as was instructed and waited in silence. After Mazi Uwa said all the incantations, he locked the padlock placing it on top of the picture.

Mazi Uwa: *looking at the picture* hahaha, it is done.

He said and all three men stood up with their ofor still in their hand.

They walked outside to Mazi Uwa’s compound where they sat down and brought out a keg of palm wine.

Mazi Uwa shared the palm wine between three men.

Mazi Uche: hmmm, this palm wine is very very sweet and sharp.

Mazi Uche shouted as he tasted the palm wine.

Mazi Okoro: you are very right my brother. This must be the handiwork of umeh the palm wine tapper.

Mazi Uwa: gbam you are right. I bought the palm wine from umeh.

They drank in silence for a while before Mazi Uwa spoke out again.

Mazi Uwa: Uche the mighty one. We have successfully brought rain to the marriage of Chioma. It is very certain that the marriage won’t hold again. Let’s just wait for the goodnews to come out.

Mazi Okoro: I can’t wait o. Why not now self. Well we are all alive and the goodnews is what we are waiting for.

Mazi Uwa: Uche the great!

Mazi Uche: yes Uwa the lion.

Mazi Uwa: What about the land issue you talked to me about in about three weeks ago…

Mazi Uche: I took a critical look at it and found out that the land truly belong to my brother oliseh.

Mazi Uwa: you know that the land is very fertile?

Mazi Uche: yes, very fertile. My younger brother is really enjoying that land.

Mazi Okoro: I suggest you take the land away from him.

Mazi Uche: what!!!!!!

Mazi Uwa: yes Uche the great, he is very right. If you take and claim that land as yours, you would be very rich you know.

Mazi Uche: come to think of it.. I am the senior and I deserved the good things.

Mazi Uwa: don’t you know it won’t be long for the yams to be harvested. Think of how much money you are going to make from all the sales.

Mazi Uche: yes, Infact I will go over to his place tomorrow. We need to talk.

Mazi Okoro: that’s the spirit.

Mazi Uwa: we are lions and we shall be feared by all not be afraid of everyone. Uche the great, I am solidly behind you.

Mazi Okoro: thank you very much. You two are the best.

Just then, shouts were heard from a distance. It was the youths of the village who took cutlasses and machets with sticks in their hands. They were all angry at Mazi Uche who raped and disvirgened a girl. They came for one mission, to kill him.

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