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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 8

We continued playing the Ludo game and he used this opportunity to sneak the picture inside his pocket.

Me: hahaha, four nothing. I am truly a champ in this Ludo game.

Mazi Uche: hmm, you are cheating on me.

Me: hahaha. I am not cheating oo.

Mazi Uche: how come my dice never surface with a six.

Me: that’s because you don’t know how to throw the dice. You don’t even know how to get a six or one.

Mazi Uche: hmm, children of nowadays.

Me: yes o, we rule. We are the best when it comes to anything. Just name it.

Mazi Uche: haa!! That’s a lie. In our own days, when it comes to farming, we are kings and lords.

Me: thank God you said in your own days. Now, we the ‘children of nowadays’ according to you…

Mazi Uche: hahahaha

Me: we are the best when it comes to farming. We can clear a whole plot of land faster than you guys. When it comes to hunting, our traps are better than the ones you old folks created. Our fishing net, hook and line is even stronger than the ones you guys were using.

Dad: is that so, when it comes to cooking, the children of nowadays are really doing a bad job in that aspect. They will cook a concoction and present it as food. Children of nowadays can’t cook like their mothers.

It was my dad speaking. I can’t believe that we were so lost in our debate that we didn’t notice his present.

Me: *I clapped my hands, I can see that they have outnumbered me but I am not giving up* is that so?

Dad: yes my son. Mazi Uche the great, tell him more about that.

Mazi Uche: oliseh my brother here is very right. When it comes to cooking, you children of nowadays can’t cook like your mothers. It is obvious that the standard of learning how to cook among maidens is declining.

Me: no problem o. If nearby villages wants to attack our village, who will save us. Maybe my dad and my uncle will take their cutlasses and hoes to the battle field.

I said and they both laughed.

Mazi Uche: that’s because the youths are suppose to fight and protect the village. don’t you know that in our time, we did so many marvelous things?

Me: marvelous things!!!!!!

I shouted with surprise.

Dad: yes, so you don’t know.

Me: then why was Ikenga crowned the greatest warrior after he killed a bear and a lion in the same week.

I said with an evil smile. ikenga a boy who would be between the age of eighteen and nineteen is now declared our village greatest hunter. A position that my dad, uncle and the other old folks didn’t archive.

Immediately, we heard somebody clapped from behind. We turned around to see my mum smiling and clapping.

Mum: surely the children of nowadays are very intelligent than the old folks.

She said and I stood up with pride as me and my mum entered our house.

Mazi Uche and my dad were laughing so hard.

Mazi Uche: let me be going joor.

Dad: ok bro. See you next time.


Mazi Uche: children of nowadays are very wise than their old folks! Hahahaha, time to find out.

He said removing the picture from his pocket.

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