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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 6 & 7

I was picking beans when Mazi Uche came to our house.
I quickly greeted him and continued what I was doing.

Mazi Uche: erm Idris, how are you?

Me: I am fine sir, any problem?

Mazi Uche: no, not at all, where is your father?

Me: he went to the farm so minutes ago.

Mazi Uche: and your mum?

Me: she went to visit her friend.

He watched me for a while as I was picking the beans.

Mazi Uche: let me help you.

Before I could said no, he has already carried a tray and poured some unpicked beans inside and started picking them.

Mazi Uche: *cleared his throat* Children of nowadays, they are always slow when doing their chores. During my time, we could select a whole bag of beans under hours.

I laughed at the greatest lie I have ever heard. Surely this man enh, I never knew he could be this jovial o.

Mazi Uche: your laughing enh? Stay their. Am telling you the truth.

Me: yes sir, I know.

We continued picking the beans in silence before he spoke out again.

Mazi Uche: erm, Idris.

Me: *looked at him* Yes?

Mazi Uche: Its about chioma. She is living in the city right?

Me: yes of course.

Mazi Uche: with her husband to be or she rented an apartment?

Me: with her husband to be.

Mazi Uche: very good. What is his name again.

Me: Daniel, his name is Daniel.

Mazi Uche: is he from our village?

Me: no, I don’t think so.

Mazi Uche: I thought as much.

We continued picking the beans with his help, I was very fast and soon, all the beans will be separated from their dirt.

Mazi Uche: chioma the big girl. Its been long o. I must have forgotten her face by now. Hope she have some picture here in the house.

Me: erm yes I think so.

Mazi Uche: can you help me with a copy of the picture. Let me see her beautiful face once more.

Me: no problem. Let me check inside.

I said as I stood up and entered inside the room. I later came back with the picture and gave it to him.

Mazi Uche: chaii, omaricha. Very beautiful.

Yes he is right. Just like my mother, she is very very beautiful. I don’t trust that mazi Uche at all so I kept looking at him every seconds that passes by.

He kept the picture very close to himself but I didn’t care as I stood up and demanded he give me the picture back.

Me: ok, I want to go and keep the picture inside please.

Mazi Uche: cool down Idris. Go and keep this beans inside and bring ludo lets play together.

I enter inside and dropped the beans, we have picked all the dirt in it. I brought out the ludo he asked of earlier.

Mazi Uche: lets play. I want to show you the power and sense of the old men against the young ones.

Me: hahaha, you really want to play this game with a champ like me?

I asked very surprised. I used to play ludo with my mum, dad and friends but never for once with my uncle, this is going to be fun.

Mazi Uche: yes, lets play.

Me: prepare to loose.

Mazi Uche: *scoffed and smiled*
Tbc tomorrow

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