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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 5

Mazi Uche: Okoro!

He shouted on reaching Mazi Okoro’s house.

Mazi Okoro came out of his house seeing Mazi Uche calling his name like somebody being pursued by a masquerade.

Mazi Okoro: mazi uche the great lion, what brought you to my house?

Mazi uche: it has finally happened.

Mazi Okoro: what has finally happened?

Mazi uche: chioma is planning her traditional marriage. She is planning to get wedded.

Mazi Okoro: hmmm, I see. Chioma your brother’s daughter?

Mazi Uche: yes and over my dead body will I be alive and see her getting married.

Mazi Okoro: so you are planning on scattering the wedding right?

Mazi Uche: yes, I want to destroy the wedding. if possible, I want to kill and destroy the boy involved.

Mazi Okoro: nice one. Why don’t we meet mazi uwa the great. He knows the right thing to do.

Mazi Uche: nice Idea, lets go.

Mazi Okoro: ok, let me keep the fish I am drying inside my house. You know children of nowadays. If i go, my fish will also develop wings and fly away.

Mazi Uche: then be fast about it please. I don’t want this matter to be delayed. Please be quick!


Mazi okoro and Mazi Uche got to Mazi Uwa’s house but he was not around. They decided to sit down and wait for him since they was nobody around to tell them his whereabout. Like mazi Uche, the other two men were living without wifes or children.

Mazi Uche: where could he be now that he is desperately needed?

Mazi Okoro: I don’t have any idea oo. Its unlike Mazi uwa to leave his house.

Mazi Uche: may be he went to see if there is any occasion that will be held here in the village.

Mazi Okoro: if so I pray he finds many occasions because the more occasions being held here in the village, the more money we are going to generate from it through our settlement fee.

Mazi Uche: hahahaha. You are right bro.

Just then they sighted Mazi Uwa coming from afar.

Mazi Okoro: yeee!! I can see him.

Mazi Uche: *looked up* yes, its him.

Mazi Uwa walked to where the two men were sitting down and greeted them.

Mazi Uwa: I greet you my fellow brothers.

Mazi Uche and Okoro: we greet you too the great one.

Mazi Uche: Mazi uwa the great, where have you been? We have been here for a long time waiting for you…

Mazi Uwa: I went to get some herbs from the forest. Wait let me get inside and offer you two kolanuts.

He said and entered his house. He dropped the herbs and came back with a tray of kolanuts. After praying over the kolanuts, the three men each took a piece and started chewing.

Mazi Uwa: our ancestors says that the toad does not run in the day time for nothing, it is either it is chasing something or something is after it.. My brothers, tell me your mission in my house.

Mazi uche cleared his throat and narrated everything to his friends not leaving any details behind.

Mazi Uwa: *cleared his throat* nice one bro. For the marriage breaking spell to be done, we need two things.

Mazi Uche: what are they?

Mazi Uwa: a padlock and her picture.

Mazi Okoro: only that.

Mazi Uwa: yes, only that!!

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