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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 4

Mazi Uche: oliseh the great lion, what is the goodnews you want to share with me.

Dad: not so, come let me offer you kolanuts first.

Mazi Uche: actually I am on my way to a friend’s place, I just came by to say hi.

Dad: come into my house first.

Mazi Uche: okay, why not stay out here and receive the fresh air.

He said and they both went to a bench kept beside our wall. By this time, I was through sweeping the surrounding so i went inside our house where I saw my mum sitting down on a chair with a dull facial expression.

Me: mummy what’s wrong?

Mum: nothing my dear.
She said faking a smile.

Me: are you sure you are okay?

Mum: yes my dear, I am okay. Why not go and play with your friends.

Me: i am not going anywhere mummy. I want to stay here with you.

Just then, my Dad came inside taking a plate of kolanut. Before my mum could say anything, he has gone out.

As the tradition demands, the kolanut must be prayed and broken into smaller pieces by the oldest man in the group. This made my dad to give the kolanut to Mazi Uche who prayed and broke it into smaller units.

Then he took one and kept the plate in their middle. My dad also took one and from inside the room where i was, i could here the sound of kolanut between their teeth.

Mazi Uche: so what is the goodnews you wanted to tell me about?

He asked more interested in the goodnews than the kolanut between his teeth.

Dad: its about my daughter.

Mazi Uche: what about her?

Dad: she is coming for her traditional marriage very soon.

Mazi Uche: what!! That calls for celebration oo.

He shouted with his croaky voice.

Dad: exactly bro. I am really happy.

Mazi Uche: why shouldn’t you be happy. Take a good look at yourself na. I am the only one in the family that is cursed.

He said and the two men laughed at the dry joke. To me, he was really cursed. The first son of the family but there was nothing to show for it. no wife no children. My dad the last born in the family is wedded to my mum with two kids, me and my sister. Uncle judge is also married and he is living a low life with his only child. He is not a proud man, he is very gentle and quiet and he is the second son.

But this man called Uche, the first and the most wayward among them…

Episode 5

Mazi Uche: so when is she coming for the wedding?

Dad: that will be next week.

Mazi Uche: that’s very nice.

He said standing up.

Mazi Uche: I think I should be on my now.

Dad: won’t you stay, my wife is almost done with her cooking?

Mazi Uche: I don’t think I can wait oo. I have an important wedding to attend. May be next time.

He said.

Dad: ohh. Let me see you off then.

He said and escorted Mazi Uche out of his compound. They were both discussing till they got to two paths, one leading to the stream and the other leading to the market square.

Mazi Uche: I should drop by at the market place to buy some things. he said to my dad.

Dad: no problem, let me go back to my house. See you next time.

He said and they both shook hands before separating ways.
Mazi Uche slowed down immediately he saw his brother was out of sight.

Mazi Uche: so you want to claim to me that you are the best among all three brothers. You want to show everyone that you are more intelligent than me. You want everyone to say his younger brother is more responsible. Lets see about that. You are daring the great Agu into a fight and you expect me to sit down and watch, Never!!

He shouted as he turned and followed the path leading to the stream. That is the same path that leads to Mazi okoro’s house.

He walked faster than a man of his age would. Time to put things into place.


My dad came inside smiling me..

Mum: you shouldn’t have done that.

She said to my dad immediately he entered inside the house.

Dad: done what?

Mum: I don’t like that your brother. You shouldn’t have tell him the plans of our daughter.

She said as she sat down on the chair visibly angry.

Dad: hahaha. He is my brother. My children are as well his.

Me: *God forbid*

Dad: I know everyone hate him but i assure you he is a good man and nothing will happen.

Mum: I pray so.

Dad: isn’t that the smell of food burning.

Mum: its true oo. Idris!!

She shouted and i ran to the kitchen. I can’t believe i forgot that something was on the fire.

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