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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 3

It hadn’t been long they started the wedding when the sky changed colour. Before they knew it, a heavy rain started falling with high thunderstorm threatening to destroy anything in its part.

Ugochi: oh God, why must this rain fall today out of all days?

She cried as her mother was busy consoling her. Her father Mazi Chibuzor walked to Mazi Eze to question him.

Mazi Chibuzor: Mazi Eze, why is this rain destroying this wedding. Did you guys settle the rain makers?

Mazi Eze: that’s the problem Mazi Chibuzor. Chinedu was too stubborn. We advice him to go to them and pay them but he didn’t seek to advice. Now look at what is happening.

Mazi Chibuzor: and to think that i am giving out my daughter to be wedded to a greedy man.

Just then chinedu ran inside he building everybody was standing in. Nobody could stay under the canopy as it was turned upside down.

His body was soaked in water and shame couldn’t let him look at the faces of the elders.

Mazi Eze: please am begging each and everyone of you on behalf of my son. Don’t be angry please. We are going to Mazi Uwa’s house right away to settle them.

The old man tried to explain to the murmuring and angry people.

Amaka: you see chinedu. If only you have listened to advice. You are too stubborn and sometimes i wonder if you are a product of your Dad and I.

Chinedu: sorry Mama.

Amaka: sorry for yourself.

Mazi Chibuzor: this wedding is over because i can’t give my daughter out to a stubborn man who can’t listen to advice.

Chinedu: aah, am really sorry sir. I didn’t know that..

Mazi Chibuzor: safe your flimsy excuse. Ugochi lets go.

He said but she didn’t move an inch. Out of anger, mazi chibuzor dragged her away with his wife as they left the wedding avenue to their house under the heavy rain.


I was busy sweeping our compound with dry palm tree leaves when i heard the croaky voice of Mazi Uche, my father’s brother and the only uncle of mine i hate most.

Me: I so much hate this man!

I breathed, he came close and i stood up to greet him. To me, it is one disadvantage of being a kid.

Me: good morning Mazi Uche.

Mazi Uche: good morning my dear Idris. Is your father inside?

Me: yes!

I said and continued my sweeping. I don’t even know why my father so much like this devil incarnate, may be it is the brotherly love he has for him or as people say, blood is thicker than water.

Mazi Uche: Oliseh the great, where are you?

Just then my mum came out and greeted him.

Mum: good morning Mazi uwa.

Mazi Uwa: *silent*

He didn’t answer her because he hate my mum. My mum was not from the east like my dad. My mum was from the middle belt hence my name.

To him, my mother was an outcast. My mother got the hint and simply left him. Oh i wish i can transform into a snake, i would have bitten him.

Just then my father ran out of the room with a smile on his face.

Dad: good morning brother.

Mazi Uwa: why the smile?

Dad: i have a good news oo.

I was like noooo, my dad shouldn’t tell this devil about my sister. My mum was equally not happy about it. D–n, if you are a village man must you behave like one? Telling this devil any goodnews means putting a full stop to that news.

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