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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 23 [Completed]

I located my catapult and carefully tiptoed to my dad’s room. As usuall, he was busy sleeping so I left the house.

When I got outside, everywhere was dark, extremely dark. I bent down and picked some stones which I kept in my pocket before leaving to mazi uche’s house.

I arrived there, it was now I knew that I was brave. Brave in the sense that the whole place was dark, very dark. Most of the villagers were busy sleeping and dozing off.

All the roads were deserted. It seems as if a dangerous spirit, ritualist, or kidnappers will come against me but I feared not. Though the distance between mazi Uche’s house from our house is very far, I feared not because I knew I was on a mission.

When I arrived at his compound. What I saw made me turn pale white with fear. Mazi uche and his two friends Mazi okoro and Mazi uwa were all in red clothes. A pot was before them. Smoke was emitting from the pot. Two dead fowls that has been slaughtered also lay infront of them.

Me: *whispering* I knew these guys are wizards.

I quickly collected one stone and aimed at Mazi uwa’s head.

I let go of the stone and “pooaaa”, it broke Mazi uwa’s head and blood started gushing out.

Mazi Uwa: ahhhhhhhhhh!!

He screamed while I chuckled. I quickly reloaded my stone and this time, I shot Mazi okoro at his eyes.

Mazi okoro: my eye oo. My eye ooo, my eye oooo!!!!!!

He shouted and I couldn’t take it anymore. I bursted into a round of laughter. Unknown to me, Mazi uche has already seen me.

He silently reached for his cutlass and was coming behind me slowly without making any noise.

I reloaded my weapon and looked if I could see him but he was nowhere to be found.

Mazi uche who has already gotten to my back raised the cutlass and was about to hit me when PHCN (nepa) brought light. I saw a shadow at my back, turned and jumped just in time before the cutlass could touch me.

Me: I have never seen any devil that will call himself an uncle just like you.

Mazi Uche: it is you and your family that is the devil.

Me: so you would have actually killed me. Thank God we are in a remote village where there is light and thank God for saving me.

Mazi Uche: quit thanking God Idris because tonight you die.

No matter how brave I pretended to be, I was really really scared. He picked the cutlass and charged at me but I dashed away with full speed.

The speed of a young boy running for his life can not be compared with that of an old man so Mazi Uche gave up the chase and came back home.

Mazi Uche: sorry my friends, I would have finished him if not for this useless people that gave us light.

Mazi okoro: ahh, this boy have damaged my eye.

Mazi uche: sorry.

Mazi uwa: my head hurts oo. In fact, let’s continue the sacrifice and finish him off.

I stopped at an unknown distance to catch my breath.

Me: *breathing hard* ha,ha,ha, thank God oo, ha, ha.

Noise: Die! Die! Die! Die! Die!

I turned round at the direction of the voice and it was coming from a church. I got close to the church and the name reads “MOUNTAIN OF FIRE MINISTRY”, it seems they are having all night.

I entered inside and the pastor was speaking.

Pastor: some of our uncles are wicked, both aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers, stepmothers or stepfathers, close or distance relatives that don’t want us to progress, this night they must die.

All: yes!!!!!!

Pastor: before this prayer will start, I want everyone to pick an object and use it as a point of contact to your enemies.

Well my number one enemy is Mazi Uche and I know that they must be trying to kill me so there is no harm if I try to kill them first but which object will I use as a point of contact?

I was still thinking when my eyes beheld something, guess what?
A RED CAP that was kept on a chair.

What happened next?

Find out in the next exciting and thrilling episode of rain makers.

Brought to you by: Mustapha Idris
oya come and bribe me oh.
One love.
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