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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 22

My mum was rushed into the hospital. After crying for many hours, I checked through the window and saw that it was morning. I got up, brushed my teeth and changed my cloth.

I got to our kitchen and opened the pot. Thank God there was a little left over rice inside of it. I quickly warmed it while I prepare pap for my dad.

As I prepared the pap, I poured it inside a cup and got to my dad’s room. He was still sleeping. I have to wait till he was partially awake.

I helped him in brushing his teeth and then I gave him the pap to drink which he drank only a little of it.

He looked around and couldn’t find my mum. He wanted to ask about her but he couldn’t speak. I knew that from his facial expression and body language.

I didn’t want to tell him about the predicament of my mum so I expertly dodged the question on his mind. When he was through with the pap, he drifted back to sleep.

Me: oh God!!

I rushed to the sitting room where I ate my little rice before I ran down to the hospital.

Some of the neighbours have left, just like two or three that was remaining. I greeted them and they told me that the doctor wanted to see me.

They have to direct me to his office because I haven’t been to this hospital before.

I entered inside the office and saw a middle aged man dressed in a white lab coat sitted at the other side of the table.

Tears came down from my eyes. This was because I wanted to be a doctor just like him but how is that going to be possible again?

Me: good morning sir!
I said and bowed a little

Doctor: *clears throat* good morning boy. Take a seat. I heard that it was your mother that was rushed into this hospital the previous night?

Me: *sitting down* yes sir, you are right.

Doctor: If I may ask where is your dad.

Me: **breathed down, I took time to tell him all about myself and my family. The present predicament of my dad and everything**

Doctor: what a pity. Don’t you have any uncle.

Me: yes I don’t. The only one I have has gone to the city with his family and every means of contacting him is impossible.

Doctor: what of any other uncle in the village?

Me: no, I don’t have.

Doctor: hmm
he said with remorse. Don’t blame me. There is no need of telling him about Mazi Uche because I can bet my life that Mazi Uche won’t help us.

Someone that couldn’t provide when his younger brother was seriously sick. How much more his brother’s wife?

Doctor: ok, just know we will do all our best. For now, you can go back home.

Me: thank you doctor.

Doctor: you are welcome.

On my way home. I have this mindset that Mazi Uche was behind all our present predicament. I mean we know he hated our family.

Everytime he is informed about any marriage plan coming up on chioma, the marriage will be scattered. I always sense a dark power lurking around him but there is nothing I can do.

My mum’s condition wasn’t getting any better likewise my dad’s. I have approache Mazi Uche severally for help but he always ignore.

There was no food, no money and my little farm produce was not doing well again, in fact I sense death near our family.

I was sleeping with an empty stomach when suddenly I found myself in the middle of nowhere. I began to run for no reason. Then three people appeared and started running with me, they were my dad and mum with my sister.

Suddenly a huge man appeared with a cutlass. He started chasing us. He got to where my dad was and stroke him to death. He wanted to do same to my sister but she disappeared.

I started running faster. Before I could turn back, he has gotten my mum. Since I wasn’t concentrating on the road, I fell down.

He came close to me and I recognized him, MAZI UCHE. he raised the cutlass up and…………………………. ………………………………………………………………
I woke up with sweat allover my body. I knew this man is a devil. The wizard behind our misfortunes and am ready to fight him. To bring back our family.

Me: Yes, I must fight him. I must not let him win. The battle starts this night, but first, where is my CATAPULT.

What happened next?

Can Idris battle the great spiritual rain maker, mazi uche with a catapult?

Find out how the battle unfold in the next exciting and thrilling episode of RAIN MAKERS.

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.
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One love.

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