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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 21

Mazi uche: no, the all shall go down one by one. Imagine, my younger brother’s wife disgraced me infront of the whole neighbourhood. Nooooo!!!

Mazi Uche: she can’t go Scot free. A whole RED CAP CHIEF. A whole red cap chief like me. No, she must suffer. She must pay.

He was busy lamenting when his two friends Mazi Okoro and Mazi Uwa all walked inside his compound with a haste.

Mazi Uwa: is it true?

Mazi Uche: what?

Mazi Okoro: the news is allover the village.

Mazi Uche: I don’t know what you are still talking about oo.

Mazi uwa: that your younger brother’s wife gave you the beating of your life.

Mazi Okoro: a whole red cap chief beaten by a woman.

Mazi Okoro and Mazi Uche: tofiakwa!!!

They spat out with their two hands folded in their chest.

Mazi Uche: all what you heard is the truth.

Mazi Uwa and Mazi Okoro: what!!!!!!

Mazi uwa: please explain how everything happened in their compound.

Mazi uche: let me get you a seat first. This matter is too serious.

He said and brought out a long bench for the two men, a little stool for him and a plate of kolanuts.

Mazi uwa: good, now we are listening.

Mazi Uche: I went to their house as was advised by the both of you…

Mazi okoro: go on, go on.

Mazi Uche: the boys you sent to me entered inside their house and brought out the papers of the land. They gave it to me, I settled them and they left happily. I was about to go home when the the shameless woman came out with two other guys.

Mazi Okoro: you don’t mean it.

Mazi Uche: hmm, the guys really dealt with me to stupor. When they were through? I was already lying on the ground. It was from there that she climbed me and started punching me..

Mazi Okoro: what!!

Mazi Uwa: a whole red cap chief like you.

Mazi Uche: I have really suffered.

Mazi Uwa: yes you have and she must not go Scot free.

Mazi okoro: yes.

Mazi Uche: I am not ready to allow her go Scot free before but I don’t know the right and exact plan to be used against her.

Mazi Uche: luckily for you, I do.

I was sleeping in my room when I heard a loud shout accompanied with a cry. I ran out of my room and it was my mum that shouted.

Me: mummy what’s wrong. Mummy what’s the matter.

I asked as I began to shake her. She couldn’t talk neither could she move.

She was just lying on the bed stretching her body like one that is about to die. I got so scared and I ran out of the house, I called our neighbours and they all came inside looking scared.

In no time, the rushed her to a general hospital close by. This time, I was d–n scared. My dad is at home very sick and he needed somebody to look after him.

My mother has been rushed to the hospital and she is also in need of care and attention. There is no money at home. There is also no food at home.

My sister is not here with us so how am I going to divide myself into two, one taking care of my dad and the other taking care of my mum. What has happened to our lovely and nice family?

I fell down and started crying.

What happened next?

Does that mean that the evil ones are more powerful than the good ones?

Find out more in the next exciting and thrilling episode of RAIN MAKERS.

brought to you by: Mustapha Idris.

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