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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 20

Mazi Uche: what!!!!!!

Mazi Uche: you just slapped a red cap chief?

Mum: yes and I am ready to do that again and again if you don’t stop this your shameful behavior, nonsense man *mtcheeew*

Mazi Uche: what, a red cap chief like me. I shall surely get back to you.

Mum: do your worst you this useless man.

She said and left. Mazi Uche came out of his house to meet his friends outside.

Mazi okoro: so how far.

Mazi Uwa: I am not sure if you have any access into her honey pot o, judging from the way she left in anger.

Mazi Uche: *fuming* could you believe that she slapped me..

Mazi Okoro: what!!!!!!

Mazi Uwa: hahahaha.

Mazi uche: mazi uwa why are you laughing, it’s not funny you know?

Mazi Uwa: you need to teach her a lesson you know?

Mazi Uche: why not, a strong lesson for that matter.

Mazi Okoro: please go and bring more palm wine and bush meat for me..

Mazi Uche: i will do just that.

He said and walked into his house.


My mother came inside our house fuming. She went and sat down on an old chair with her right hand on her cheek.

Me: mummy, chinedu has come again oo, he is insulting me for..

Mum; shut up and get out of my sight now.

Me: *shocked*

that’s the first time my mother was speaking to me in such a manner. I just turned back, got to the kitchen where I picked my basket of peppers and left for the market.

Mum: Idris!

Mum: Idris!! Idris!!!

I didn’t answer her, I just went on my way.

I got back from the market. I kept my basket outside our house and entered inside. My mum was inside her room taking care of my dad.

Me: mum, these is the money I made from today’s sale.

I said and gave her the little money I made. She collected it from me. I was about to leave when she held my hand.

Mum: Idris!

Me: *strong face* yes mum.

Mum: please don’t be angry at me for shouting at you today. I went to your uncle’s house and what happened their really made me mad. Sorry I shouted at you.

Me: *with a smile* you are… Lemme think, you are…

Mum: *spank me a little on my head* common, don’t be a naughty boy.

Me: ok, you are forgiven. Go and sin no more.

Mum: hahahahaha. Funny Idris. I really love you and I won’t do anything to hurt you again. Come and give mummy a big hug.

I got to where she was and gave her a big hug with a huge smile on her face.

When I was through hugging her, I held my dad’s hand and caressed it a little.

Me: common dad, I know you are strong and I know you will survive this one day…

Mum: Amen. Now go and have your dinner before going to bed.

Me: thank you mum.

We were woken up by loud noises. Mazi Uche brought three hefty guys with him. It was as if they were preparing for war.

Mazi Uche: yes, this is the house, enter inside and bring out all the particulars and papers of the lands they have.

Boys: yes sir.

They said and rushed into our house.

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