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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 18 & 19


Mum: Idris! Idris!!

She shouted and I ran out of the kitchen with oil stained in my mouth.

Mum: what are you doing?

Me: am eating the boiled yam you kept for me with palm oil.

Mum: ok, hope you didn’t put much oil in it?

Me: yes mama.

Mum: are you prepared to go to the market.

Me: I will go and sell the little pepper I harvested but when I am through eating my food.

Mum: ok, I am going to meet your uncle now. Please don’t leave the house until I get back. Also take care of your daddy.

Me: alright mum, I will do just that.

Mum: thank you very much my son.

She said and left.

My mother walked into the compound and saw mazi uche sitting down, eating dried bush meat with palm wine. As usuall, he was with his friends Mazi okoro and Mazi Uwa.

Mum: elders of our land, I greet you, may you live long.

Mazi uche, Okoro and Uwa: Ise!!!

Mum: please Mazi Uche I am here to see you.

Mazi Uche: ok I am here, talk anything you want right here.

Mum: please it’s something I need to tell you in private.

Mazi Uche: ok, get inside my house.

Mum: *hesitated for a while* we can talk about this over there.

She said pointing to a little distance afar.

Mazi Uche: haa, you said you are here to see me and the matter is confidential. I told you to enter inside my house let’s settle everything and here you are telling me to go over to someplace and discuss with you. It seems you are not ready to deliver your message.

Mazi Okoro: entering inside his house is different from entering inside your womanhood.

Mum: *instantly irritated*

Mazi uwa: just obey before complaining.

My mother unwillingly entered inside the house. Soon enough, Mazi Uche followed her from behind.

Mazi Uche: am here, so why were you looking for me?

Mum: my family, I really need your help.

Mazi Uche: go on.

Mum: the sickness of your brother is getting worst as the day goes by. All my money including his is exhausted. Idris has dropped out of school because there is no money to pay his school fees. We hardly eat two square meals a day. Please if there is anyway you can help us, it is highly appreciated.

Mazi Uche: I see.

Mum: *silent*

Mazi Uche walked into his house and came back with money. My mother’s eye grew wide and she was surprised at his attitude.

Mazi Uche: you can have all of it.

Mum: hmm, what are the strings attached to it.

Mazi Uche: very good. I knew you to be a very wise woman. Nothing goes for free this days so I went you to always warm my bed.

Mum: what!!!!!!

Mazi Uche: common, you are really beautiful. Just warm my bed and that’s all, your wishes shall all be granted. I am capable of taking care of you and Idris.

Mum: no, no, no.

Mazi Uche: you know you are in need of money, man and love. I can give you all that.

He said trying to touch her.


she landed a hot slap on his face.
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