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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 15

I got near the crowd and yet, nobody seems to have noticed my present.

Me: what is going on around here?

I asked noone in particular.

Me: I said what is happening here?

I asked but yet, there was no response. I fought my way to the middle of the crowd and what I saw almost made me passed out.

My dad was in the middle of the crowd, lying on a mat. It seems his joints and bones were all broken.

Me: who did this all happened?

I asked my mum as tears where gathering in my eyes. My mum was crying out loud so she couldn’t answer me.

Me: *turning to sister chioma* please sister, tell me what really happened?

Sister chioma: It all started this morning when you left for school. Papa said that he wanted to go and fetch his palm wine but mama was against it. This went on for a while until mama later agreed though her body was giving her signals. Papa left with his cutlass, keg and rope but soon afterwards, he was returned by a group of boys who said he fell down when he was collecting the wine and and…

She stopped as tears began to come down afresh. I couldn’t look at the things that were happening around me so I left them in anger.

I ran out of the compound with tears in my eyes. I never knew where I was going but anywhere will be better than home. I kept on running till I bumped into my uncle Mazi Uche.

Mazi Uche: Idris, Idris. Why are you crying na?

Me: *crying* d d dad daddy!!

Mazi uche: your father?

Me: yes!

Mazi Uche: what happened to your father.

Me: he fell down from a palm tree.

Mazi Uche: Amadioha!!!!!!

Mazi Uche: you mean my brother fell down from a palm tree?

Me: *nodded and ran out of his sight*

Mazi Uche: Idris! Idris!! Idris!!!!!!

He called at me but I was too determined to come back. I kept on running to an unknown destination.

Mazi Uche: hahaha. I thought you wanted to proof stubborn. No, I thought you wanted to proof stubborn. Now see where your stubbornness has landed you. Oliseh, you dare say no to me, a red cap chief. A red cap chief for that matter. You shall suffer till you die. Hahahaha.


Mazi Uche briskly walked into my father’s compound. He saw the crowd there and they quickly made way for him. When he got to the middle, he shouted.

Mazi Uche: Amadioha!! Amadioha!!! Oliseh, this must be the handiwork of our enemies. They shall not live to see tomorrow. Amadioha!!

He kept shouting as he geared the tears of my mum, sister and crowd.

Mum: they have finally done it o.

Mazi Uche: no, this is the pure handiwork of our enemies. Oh my lovely brother. My brother, who could have done this to you. Oliseh! Oliseh!! Oliseh oooo!!!!!!

Crowd: chimooo!!!

They were all wailing. My dad was to weak to do anything. He couldn’t move or even turn. To blink his eyes was even a problem.

Oh God!

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