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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 14

Mazi uche got to my father’s land, the one he has begged my father for but was ignored.

He looked around to make sure that nobody was watching him at that moment. He brought out the charm and spoke into it.

Mazi Uche: Oliseh! Oliseh!! Oliseh!!! Oliseh my younger brother. This charm is specifically made and designed for you. You turned down the request of a lion. Have you forgotten that when Mazi Uche says yes, his yes is yes and when he says no, his no is also no. For these you have done, this charm shall have effect on you immediately your leg touched the soil of this land. So be it.

He said and planted the charm close to a palm tree, looked around to make sure that nobody was looking him and went out.

Mazi Uche got to Mazi uwa’s house and was surprised by the large crowd of people around there.

In the middle, Mazi okoro and Mazi Uwa was sitted all smiles. He got close to everyone and observed things for himself.

1st Man: honorable elders of our land, I greet you may your days be long on earth.

Mazi uwa and okoro: Ise!!!!!

1st Man: on behalf of my family. I give this goat, tubers of yam, cassava and palm oil just to appease the god of the sky. I am hosting an occasion in this village and I want the sun to be above us, not rain.

Now Mazi Uche understood what the large crowd that gathered there were meant for. They came to give sacrifice in honor to them.

He came to the place they were sitting down and greeted everyone. Then he sat close to his friends. Mazi uwa and Mazi okoro.

Mazi uwa: that’s very thoughtful of you. You shall go in peace. Believe you in my words that the sun shall be upon the place you are hosting the occasion.

1st Man: thank you very much. I shall now take my leave.

Mazi Uwa: next!!

2nd Man: elders of our land, I greet you all. May your days be long upon this earth and may you never lack.

Mazi Uwa, uche and okoro: Ise!!!!!!

2nd Man: on behalf of my family, I bring to you this bag of rice, beans, bunch of plantian, palm kernel oil and some little fruits. All these are brought to you for the god of the sky to be appeased. Please let the sun shine when my occasion is on process.

Mazi Uwa: fear not my son as my blessings are upon you. Go and perform your occasion without any disturbance.

2nd Man: thank you very much.

Mazi Uwa: next.

3rd Man: elders of our land, may your days be long on this earth. May you prosper and excel above all others.

Mazi Uwa, uche and okoro: ise!!!

3rd Man: you know I am a hunter and fisherman. I don’t have much to give but manage this bush meat I brought to you and this smoked fishes.

Mazi Uwa: drop it and go well.

3rd Man thank you.

Mazi Uwa: next!!!

I came back from school feeling happy and glad. Wow, I just passed my exams and this holiday will be full of joy. I got to our compound and everybody, my mum, sister chioma and our neighbours were all crying.

Me: what could be the cause of this?

I asked noone in particular.


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