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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 13

Mazi Uche: yes, let me see how he is going to escape this.

He said to himself as he sat down infront of his mud house chewing his chewing stick.

It wasn’t long when Mazi Okoro and Mazi Uwa came to his house and he stood up to greet them.

Mazi Uche: good morning my able brothers.

Mazi Uwa: good morning Mazi Uche.

Mazi Okoro: good morning the lion.

Mazi Uche: how was your night?

Mazi Uwa: haa, fine oo.

Mazi okoro: I hope we should be expecting goodnews.

Mazi Uche: wait let me gist you.

He said as he ran inside, brought out a long bench and a plate of kolanut. They all sat down on the bench and broke the kolanuts into bits, prayed for it and started chewing it.

Mazi Uwa: so how was your trip to your younger brother’s house?

Mazi Uche: just as I suspected, he didn’t agree to give me the land. He was too stubborn. Could you believe that he even insulted me right in my face……

Mazi Uwa and Mazi okoro: what!!!!!!

Mazi Uche: the worst of it all is that, I am the eldest brother so the land should be entitled to me.

Mazi Uwa: I knew this tragedy was going to happen. I knew that oliseh will be very stubborn to give that land to Mazi Uche.

Mazi Uche: a whole red cap chief like me?

Mazi Uwa: didn’t I tell you earlier that we might receive a negative response so we better bring our ofor with us?

Mazi okoro: yes you did. Good a thing we brought our ofor here with us.

Mazi Uche: *beating his chest* a whole red cap chief like me.

Mazi uwa: the best thing to do now is to prepare a strong charm that will make oliseh fall. What do you all say?

Mazi Uche: am totally in.

Mazi Okoro: same here.

Mazi Uwa: ok, let’s change our cloths asap, time waits for no man.
The three men quickly changed their clothes into red, pure red gown and entered inside Mazi uche’s shrine, each holding his ofor in his hand.

Mazi Uche was in the middle, since the shrine belongs to him, at his right was mazi uwa and left mazi okoro.

He (Mazi uche) took a white c–k with him, a bottle of dry gin and some coweries into the shrine.

30 minutes later
Mazi uche was seen in his compound drinking palm wine with his two friends.

Mazi Uche: yes, the charm is done.

Mazi Uwa: so when are you planting it on the farm?

Mazi okoro: you know you should be fast with whatever you are doing?

Mazi uwa: yes I know. The charm will be planted today. As soon as we are through with this palm wine, I am going to the farm to plant it there.

Mazi Uwa: very nice. These days we don’t see people coming to us for settlement of rain fees.

Mazi okoro: that’s because ceremonies have not been held in this village for sometime now.

Mazi Uche: I heard that some people will be throwing some big occasions.

Mazi Uwa: even me..

Mazi Okoro: *standing up* then let me go round and see things for myself.

Mazi Uwa: *standing up also* thank you for your reception mazi uche, it’s high time I go home too. They are some herbs I need to make.

Mazi Uwa: wait lemme lock my door and join you, I will also be planting the charm this morning.

He said, locked his doors and the three men all went out.

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