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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 12

My dad was sitted with me, my mum and my sister outside of our house under a cool mango tree. We just finished eating fufu and vegetable soup that was spiced with different fishes and meat and we were waiting for it to cool down in our stomachs.

Dad: so chioma, I want you to know that one day you shall get married.

Chioma: amen papa.

Dad: all these things that has been happening to you shall all end one day. I know that the gods of our land must prevail for us. The gods of our land won’t sit down and watch the wicked ruin the good and obedient ones. Just be strong and exercise patient my dear.

Chioma: yes papa.

Mum: please take Idris inside the house let him sleep.

My mum said as my sister did all her best in raising me but she couldn’t.

Chioma: chaii, Idris has added weight oo. So he is the one eating all the food in this house.

They all laughed as I was busy sleeping on the bench, snoring as if there is no tomorrow.

Chioma: *tapping me* wake up, wake up.

Me: *with sleepy eyes* um, um. Yes ma!

Chioma: look at this one, hahaha. Abeg go inside and sleep jare.

She said as I ran inside.

Chioma: I think I should join him. I am really tired and today has been very hectic for me.

Dad: no problem my dear.

Chioma: good night mum and dad.

She greeted both and they both replied her before she left.

As my mother and father was left alone, my father began.

Dad: honey, there is something important I want to discuss with you.

Mum: go on am all ears.

Dad: today my brother Mazi Uche visited me.

Mum: for what again?

Dad: would you just listen?

Mum: sorry, go ahead.

Dad: good. He came and told me to lend him my land.

Mum: lend?

Dad: yes, he knew that leasing the land to him will be impossible. How can I rent a property of mine to my own blood brother, God forbid!! I rather give it to him for free.

Mum: yea, that’s how it should be but what was your reply to his request.

Dad: no, because the land he is asking for is impossible for me to give him.

Mum: and which land is that.

Dad: The one I specially inherited from my dad. That one close to the stream that the soil is very fertile bearing big and beautiful crops.

Mum: haa, that is impossible na. That land is our main source of living. He knows you are a family man so why is he asking for that particular land. By the way, what does he need it for?

Dad: that’s what I don’t know for now o. He doesn’t have a family, I decided to give him one out of my other lands for him to be using but his reply was negative.

Mum: that’s rubbish. If he isn’t going by your offer then he should forget about it. After all, all your lands was bought by you with your sweat. If he is looking for a good land, let him buy one.

Dad: hmm my dear, forget about that for now. Let’s get inside, it’s getting late.

Mum: ok my husband.


Mazi Uche woke up with a smile on his face.

Mazi Uche: yes, today is the today oliseh my younger brother shall fear me till eternity.

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