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Rain makers – Season 1 Episode 10

Youths: ise!!!

Youth 1: please where is Mazi Uche? We have been looking for him since but he is nowhere to be found. The igwe sent us to look for him and bring him back to the palace either dead or alive.

Mazi Uwa: what!!!

Mazi Okoro: are you guys sure of what you are saying?

Youths: yes we are very sure.

Mazi uwa: what did he do this time?

Youth 1: he raped and disvirgined a young girl.

Mazi Uwa: that’s definitely not good. Well as you can see, he is not here. You can search all the house if you want but be rest assured, he is not here.

Youth 1: search everywhere.

The youths all searched Mazi Uwa’s house for close to thirty minutes but they didn’t find Mazi Uche.

They all came out and left the place disappointed but very angry.


Mazi Uwa: you can now come out.
He said to Mazi Uche who appeared infront of the tree again.

Mazi Uche: have they gone?

Mazi Okoro: look at them over there, they are coming back!!!!!!

He shouted pointing behind Mazi Uche.

Mazi Uche: *almost jumped out of his skin* where!!!!!!

The all burst into laughter at the stunt mazi Okoro pulled.

Mazi Uwa: now the village is hot for you. You need to lay low till everything settles down first.

Mazi uche: that’s not a problem for me.

Mazi okoro: very good.
The igwe is seen outside his palace looking worried and angry. In his front were the angry youths looking tired and hungry.

Igwe: what is all these, you mean that Mazi Uche disappeared into the thin air?

Youth 1: I just don’t know Igwe. We have looked and searched everywhere for him. In all the corners of this village. we even looked inside the forest but yet, we couldn’t find him.

Igwe: no, this is not good. That man deserved to be punish. Well you guys have done a nice job for me. You!!!!

He said pointing over to a body guard who ran to meet him.

Igwe: go get them food to eat and wine to drink. See to it that they are revived.

Guard: yes sir!

Youths: Igwe!!!!!!

They shouted in honor to the Igwe as they followed the body guard.

Igwe: you and you.

He said pointing over to two guards, and they came over to meet him.

Igwe: I want you to search secretly for Mazi Uche. Make sure you are well disguised and bring him to me wether dead or alive, understood?

Guards: yes sir.

They said as they marched away.

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