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Rain makers – Season 1 [Episode 1 – 23]

Rain makers

Rain makers

Mazi Okoro ran with full speed into Mazi Uche’s hut. An old man whose wickedness have given him a bent structure.

Mazi uche Jumped up on seeing his friend Okoro running with full speed into his hut.

Mazi Uche: hahaha. What makes the untouchable Okoro to be running into my house this hot afternoon?

He asked as he was filled with laughter at the sight of old Okoro running with full speed.

Mazi Okoro: there is fire on the mountain.

Mazi Uche: run run run!

He said and laughed as he stood up to offer his visitor kolanut.
He came back with the kolanut and a little chair where for the old man to sit down.

Mazi Okoro: *physically disgusted* what i am about to tell you is very important but here you are, doing what? Offering me kolanuts. Did i tell you i came for kolanuts.

Mazi Uche: our ancestors taught us that Kolanuts should be given to a visitor first before proceeding to the issue at hand, here is the kolanuts, break them.

Mazi okoro smiled and sat down. He gave back the kolanut to Mazi uche who broke it and offered a piece to Mazi okoro.

For sometime, they were silent. Only the sound of kolanut between the old men teeth was heard.

Mazi Okoro: *breaking the silence* mazi uche, the butterfly has grown wings and thinks himself a bird.

Mazi uche: hmmm.

Mazi Okoro: it is only a stupid child that challenges his father into a battle when he can’t even clean his anus properly.

Mazi Uche: okoro, what is the problem?

Mazi Okoro: chinedu the son of Mazi Eze is proceeding with his wedding as i am speaking to you now.

Mazi Uche: what!!!
He shouted.

Mazi Uche: you mean that that useless boy is proceeding with his wedding?

Mazi Okoro: yes oo.

Mazi Uche: has he paid our settlement fee.

Mazi Okoro: for where!!

Mazi Uche: *shouted* May the gods forbid. You mean that that useless boy wants to play with our powers? Infact stand up lets go and meet Mazi Uwa.

He said and the two old men stood up and ran with all their strength towards Mazi Uwa’s house.


Mazi Uwa: what!!

He shouted as soon as Mazi uche told him everything Mazi okoro told him, not without adding pepper and salt though.

Mazi Uwa: lets go to the great god of the sky. The god is our strength and in him are we made gods.

Mazi okoro and Mazi uche: yes!!

Mazi uwa: come with me..

He said as the two men stood up and followed him inside his hut.

Then they changed their clothes to red wrapper tied around their waist with chalk drawings all over their body.

Mazi Uwa: so chinedu has not paid his settlement fee and he wants to proceed with his wedding right? We shall see.

He said and led the way to the shrine as the other two men followed him from behind, each man with his own ofor.

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