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Question Of The Day:- Can You Marry Someone Infected With HIV/AIDS For The Sake Of Love?

Hello De9jaSpirit Readers,

Good morning and hope you all are doing great this beautiful Thursday morning? Me, am sha very happy today ?

We’ve got a question for you all and we want you to answer this question in all sincerity, please.

Someone threw this question at us and we can’t help but put it up so you all can tell us if you can or not ??


Before I throw this question at you – Let me say a short prayer for you all ?

You nor any of your Family will never be infected by HIV/AIDS by God’s grace ?


Now, imagine you have been dating this person for 2 years and you really love he/she so much (No s#x between you both yet, so you are not infected at all) and you found out the person is HIV/AIDS positive ??

Here’s our question ?

Would You Still Go Ahead & Marry The Person For The Sake Of Love?

We really want to hear from you as we sensed the person who sent this to us needs your response to take decision on what to do.

We appreciate your comments & advice.

Thank you

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