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Queensley The Squirter (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Queensley The Squirter (18+)

Queensley The Squirter (18+)

I’m Fatima but my friends call me Teema.

I love the sound of that and I roll with it because it has a nice tune to it, you know?

I’m more of an ambivert and staying home is sure the order of my day. My week started like every other week (Well, I have a boring routine I stick to) but with a little twist to it.

Who else wakes up on Monday morning so horny??? Well me, and I guess thousands if not millions worldwide!

I got my cup of coffee and lit up my cigarette to start my day and 30 minutes in, I could barely concentrate.

My p**sy needed to be fed and my single ass couldn’t do anything about that.

“Who needs a partner when you can use s*x toys??” I said to myself.

So, I spread my legs apart and decided I was going to get freaky with my bullet. It didn’t take 10 minutes to realise it wasn’t what I needed. I tried my rabbit, clit sucker and bomb but I didn’t feel satisfied.

Maybe I got too used to my toys, my organs have plateaued to my toys? I got up annoyed and went about my day, cranky AF.

Later in the day, I contacted the s*x shop and ordered a wand. I have always wished for it and it wouldn’t hurt to try something new, you know as my present bouquet of toys is useless.

In the process of gisting with the vendor, I asked for a female plaything. The owner is a bad guy and he came through with a bang and sent me a contact.

We started the conversation and she was head over heels and excited that I buzzed. apparently, she had heard a lot about me.


Chatting with Queensley was fun. She sounded like I was some god to her and I didn’t mind being worshipped, she met every standard physically for me except for the fact that I wished she had an enormous ass.

Well, I’m that lady who can’t help but keep drooling over big asses!

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