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Prisoner Princess – Season 1 – Episode 9

Alex’s Pov:

I got down from my car as I picked up the nylon inside the car.

“I hope Janella will like this…” I smiled as I walked into the bungalow.

Everywhere was absolutely quite.

“Where the hell is everyone? Why is this place like a burial ground?” I asked myself.

“Janella! Nadia… Where are they?” I called as I walked towards Janella’s room.

“Please Nadia… Keep the knife away! Don’t kill me please” I heard Janella’s teary voice.

“Knife?” I thought as I quickly opened the door.

The nylon fell from my hand as my eyes widened in shock.

“Nadia…!” I called as she turned around.

She now has a different face and her mouth was bloody while her teeth was like that of a vampire.

“Who are you? This is not the nanny I employed…” I screamed in fear.

“You stay out of this!” She yelled at me pointing the knife at me.

“Alex! Please help me… She’s not Nadia, she’s a wicked creature” Janella who was sitting on the bare ground crying said.

“Let her go! Who are you?” I asked again as she roared in laughter.

“I am black angel Lucina and I am here to take Janella so stay the fvck away from me” She laughed as she rushed to stab Janella and I held her.

Seconds later, I blacked out.

Janella’s Pov:

I opened my weak eyes….

“Where am I?” I asked as I looked around in surprise and confusion.

I tried to shake my hand that was when I noticed that my hand was chained including my legs.

I looked around and saw Alex lying beside me with his hands and legs chained too.

“Alex! Alex!!” I shook him vigorously and he quickly got up.

“Where are we Janella?” He asked

“I don’t know…. Why are we chained and locked up in this cave?” I asked

“Gosh! Could this be Nadia’s plan?” He said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“How do we leave this place?” I cried

“No way! You can never leave” A voice said as Nadia appeared.

We became very frightened.

“What do you want from us?” Alex yelled as I held him tight.

“From us you say? Janella is the main person that I need… I can free you if you want and once I free you, I will make you loose your memory that way you won’t remember anything that happened here” She laughed wickedly

“Alex please don’t leave me!” I cried.

“No! I can’t leave without Janella, free both of us” Alex said

“Then get ready to perish with her” She said as she vanished.

We continued crying….

Moria’s Pov:

“Hahahaha….Let hell rejoice… For after 15 years old we have found the one we have been looking for” King Lucifer laughed

“Cruel king of hell… 🔥 ” I thought within me.

“And finally the stubborn black angel Sarafina and her mortal daughter will face their punishments and am very proud of my noble daughter Lucina” He roared in laughter

“Thank you my lord” Lucina said happily

“All hail King Lucifer…. ” The black angels chorused

“Forever you shall remain the King of hell” They chorused again.

“For your successful mission… You have been placed in a higher rank.. Climb to the 3rd seat” Lucifer said as happy Lucina climbed upper than her position.

“I can’t wait to let Sarafina know that her daughter is here in hell” I thought within myself.


“Sarafina! Sarafina!!” I called as I rushed into the dungeon.

“What is it Moria?” She asked as she quickly sat up.

“Sara…. Am really sorry I couldn’t stop this from happening” I cried

“What are you saying Moria? What do you mean?” She asked anxiously

“It’s your daughter..” I said in tears

“My daughter? Janella? What happened to my child?” She asked as hot tears streamed down her cheeks.

“She has been captured by Lucifer… As we speak, she’s here in hell” I said as she held me tightly.

“Noooooooo…… ” She screamed in tears….

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